One of the world’s most favored martyrs of Maizvander-Darbar Sharif, Syed Ziaul Haque Maizbahir 30th orush is Today



Staff Reporter:

Today, on Thursday, October 11, one of the world’s most favored martyrs of Maizvander-Darbar  Sharif, Syed Ziaul Haque Maizbahir (A) will be celebrated on 30th Oorash Maijvander Sharif Ghausia Haq Manzil. In addition to the programs of the Sharif, Majha-Rari Gaussia Haque Committee, Bangladesh Central Board, in addition to Firz Rauza Sharif’s Pilgrimage, the Quran, Zikir-Ajker, Milad Mahfil, and discussion at 11pm and Central Mahfil In the Mahfil presidency and the Akhari Munajat will be conducted by Maijwah Sharif Gaussia Haque Monzil, on behalf of Alam Hazrat Alhaj Syed Mohammad Hassan Maizevari (MGA). Shahnshah Hazrat Syed Ziaul Haque Maijwaha-Rari Trust has the rare scenes and video exhibitions, advisory and directional publications, arrangement of pure drinking water, first aid services, adequate temporary toilets, including ‘Islamic history and tradition’. Besides, Muradpur of the cityfrom 10pm onwards, one of the BRTC special buses will be left for every hour directly to Maijwah Sharif. As part of a 6-day program of Shahnshah Hazrat Syed Ziaul Haque Maizvandari Trust, seminar titled ‘The Social Justice in the light of Tasauf’, recitation of Qur’an recitation and milad mahfil in various mosques, and the autobiography of the self-government under the control of Maizwa- Husain Maijvander-(r:a:) – Biography of the discussion, rallies, tree plantation, different ELAs of the country There are 36 educational institutes located in the ‘Education for All’ project under the ‘Education for All’ project, supplying one-to-one meal to the students of registered 54 orphanages in Fatechchhari upazila, apart from the Maijwah-Gariya Gaussia Huq Committee of the country’s remote areas, Khatna camp, organized by different branch committees of Bangladesh and Chittagong City Corporation. Blood donation, blood group diagnosis, hearing impaired, free Ye sewing machines and siksasamagri distribution, providing aisabaksa preserving the body, cleaning riksa van for mayor of the city, the cemetery clean and welfare work is celebrated on the occasion of the Urs Sharif. Upazila administration has taken necessary measures including law and order. Already, Ashek-Fakta and Maizwah-Gari Gaussia Haque Committee appeared in the presence of members of various branches of Bangladesh. Manzil volunteers will be engaged in full-time patrolling, including adequate police deployment, vehicle control and law enforcement for the convenience of the upcoming Ashek-devotees and Zayerines, and the entire area will be under CCTV cameras.
It is to be noted that, Shahnshah Hazrat Syed Ziaul Haq Maijvander-(r: -a: is the eldest son of Aye-e-Ghausul Aazam, Maulana Shahsufi Syed Delaar Hossain Maizvander-( r:a:). After crossing many riyasat and pursuit of the path 1373 on the first day of the 9th of the month of Urs Sharif, Ghausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Shahsufi Syed Ahmad Ullah Maijwah-Rir (A) Swapn order, his father Peer Kamel Ame-e-Ghausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Shahsufi Syed Delaar Hussain Maizwa- Rari (A) Shahnshah Hazrat Syed Ziaul Haq Maijwah-rari (A) – officially established the best ally in the caliphate. Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Sufi Syed Ahmad Ullah Maijwah-rari (A), Gausul Azam Bill Virasat Hazrat Maulana Shahsufi Syed Golamur Rahman Maijwah-rari (A) and Ahme-e-Ghausul Azam Hazrat Mawlana Shahsufi Syed Delaar Hussain Maizwah-rir ( A) The three basic mining deposits are Shahan Shah, Syed Ziaul Haq, Maizvander-dargha (A). On the night of October 12, 1988, he went to the Creator in the middle of the night.


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