Madak’s death sentence


 Parvez :
The cabinet has approved the draft of the Narcotics Control Act, 2018, under the provision of the highest punishment of death penalty. There was a strict law mandate to prevent the horrific aggression of drugs in the country, especially to prevent the outbreak of Yaba. It is to be noted that the maximum punishment of the previous law was 2 to 15 years. The old law, especially in Yaba, can not prevent strong aggression. Presently, the dangerous activities of drug dealers and smugglers can not be eliminated even in crossfire. At that time, the law demands the time of execution and implementation of the death penalty. But the law should not be done only, its proper implementation and implementation. For this reason, the law enforcers will be free from corruption, honest, fair and harsh. Due to the destruction of the poisonous pimples of Yaba all over the country, the news of the horrific new drug sector is being heard. English terminology of the English NPS or New Psychotropic Substances. Looks like a tea leaf. There is a similarity with the old drug opium, broken and cannabis. The favorite of youth society. Due to long-term intense loneliness and social unrest. Experienced in mental disorders The workshop is lost. It appears to be a suicide trend. The government has recently banned it in the pressures of media.
The government has adopted ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy against import and export of any kind of drugs including Yaba. Massive combat operation is going on across the country. In this case, there are reports of death of more than 300 drug dealers in crossfire, not just jail-fines. Sadly, despite the fact that the import and use of drugs is not decreasing. It appears that a global strong cycle is being done by targeting Bangladesh, who are desperate to destabilize the country. The backing of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is not too diverse. At any cost, this ‘venom’ must be broken. A large number of Yaba tablets and its raw materials enter the country through the Cox’s Bazar district every day. More precisely, on the way to Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Yaba penetration is not diverse by the hill region. With the help of Border Security Force and local police and detective department, a large number of them were caught almost daily. The reality is that despite almost intense activity in the border and intelligence surveillance, almost free access to it can not be stopped. As a result of this reason, it can be assumed that rich people, including powerful local influential syndicate, are behind them. There are also reports of jail-fines for alleged involvement of local people’s representatives and family in connection with Yaba trafficking. Sadly, even then Yaba Chowb can not be stopped. In that situation, if the people of the area will come forward spontaneously with the attitude of honesty and good will, then it is certainly possible to prevent illegal smuggling of yaba on the border path. Yaba smuggling from Myanmar and there is no contact with the Rohingya refugees coming from there. Bangladesh has given shelter to Rohingyas due to humanitarian reasons, but it seems that they are engaged in the trade of trafficking drugs and other drug trafficking locally – even in Yaba. It can be one of the ways to earn them.
Pensidil addiction was once enormously engulfed by the young society. After the ban on this product in the country, the benefits did not match. Rather, the phensidyl factory grew overnight in many places in the border areas of Bangladesh, surrounded by Bangladesh. After a wide range of discussions between the two countries, it has been possible to reduce the spread and addiction of Phensidyl. It is tragic, instead of a huge soldier, he has put a heavy drug Yaba Despite the media campaign and the activities of the law enforcement agencies, there is no resistance against it. Therefore, the government will have to be more aggressive and stern to prevent the all-round resistance of drugs including NPS, Yaba, Phensidyl. Regular fight against militants and terrorists like ‘zero tolerance’ will continue. There is no scope to show


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