If the opportunity is the Bnp candidate of the party Aslam Chowdhury:Chittagong -4


Chittagong bureau:
Sitaku- Aslam Chowdhury’s single domination in BNP There is no such division between him and the party. Party’s grassroots activists thought that he is the single candidate of the BNP.
According to a source, Aslam Chowdhury has huge bank loans. He did not pay the installment in due time, he suffered a debt waiver case. That’s why he is in jail. Therefore, due to loan default he can be deprived of the nomination, there remains such a skeptic on the field of politics Because of this, former Secretary and IGP of the BNP as well as the name of the IWBI.
However, a close source told that Aslam Chowdhury had no case against the bank for loan disbursement. He is in jail in political and ACC cases. There is no doubt that he is the single candidate of BNP in the upcoming election.
BNP has not participated in the 10th parliamentary elections on January 5, 2014. Awami League candidate Didarul Alam won the service. Earlier, in 2008, Awami League candidate Abul Kashem Master won in the 9th parliamentary elections with a total of 1,04,48,489 votes. Joint Secretary General Aslam Chowdhury, the convenor of his nearest rival, North District BNP, got 1,12,651 votes BNP candidate Aslam Chowdhury this time. Now he is in prison If he cannot become the candidate for any reason, then former Secretary and IGP, AVBI Siddiqui may come to the opposition from BNP instead.He is the younger brother of former BNP MP and Minister LK Siddiqui.Regarding the nomination, AIYB Siddiqui said, “If the party nominees, I will make the selection.”
Meanwhile, Aslam Chowdhury’s private secretary Manjurul Islam told daily Muslim times, “Aslam Chowdhury is the single candidate of the BNP. He will choose from the BNP.
He said, “There is no case of debt waiver against Aslam Chowdhury. He is in jail in political and ACC cases. So there is no doubt about his participation in the election. “Manjurul Islam said,” Sitakundu- There is no grouping in BNP. Everyone is united under the leadership of Aslam Chowdhury. ‘


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