Apur birthday with friends at midnight


 Entertainment: Face Apu Biswas discussed in Dhaka movie. He has been working in Dhalijeda for more than a decade. So far, 80 films have been fascinated by the audience. Today is his birthday. And there are no special plans planned on this day. However, his close friends surprised at 12 o’clock in the night. Makeover celebrates Apur’s birthday at Zain’s house at Niketan in the capital of Zahid Khan. Apu Biswas did not know anything about this.
Suddenly the dancer and Corioagrafa Ivan Shahriar Sohag and Makeover Zahid Khan phoned Apu and brought them to their home. Apu went to the surprise On the occasion of the birthday, several filmmakers including film director Samity president Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, filmmaker Ferdous, Model Apon, Gautam Sahasaha. Meanwhile, members of the fan club of Apu Biswas organized a birthday celebration in the city’s capital today. Apu Biswas will be there in the evening.


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