14 party leaders in the rally at Shaheed Minar the verdict is satisfied but Tarek Zia’s maximum punishment



Chittagong bureau:
Party leaders said that the court has given life imprisonment to Tarique Zia. Even if we are satisfied with this verdict, he will have to face the highest punishment or execution. Speakers said this at a rally organized by the 14-party central Shaheed Minar on Wednesday.
Metropolitan Awami League General Secretary and City Mayor AZM Nasir Uddin said BNP-Jamaat alliance failed to conspirate to kill the present government chief on 21 August grenade attack. Tarek Zia had a weakness inside and went abroad. He is still conspiring against the people of the country sitting in London. In today’s absence, the verdict has been announced. Mufti Hannan had confessed in the face of who was involved in the attack. After the attack, BNP’s alliance wanted to streamline the incident. He confessed in court. Tarek Zia was involved in this event with a direct connection. We are not happy about his life. We want Tarique Rahman to be given death sentence in the country. At the same time, the leader of the incident, Khaleda Zia, chief of the then government head, will also be brought under trial.
Metropolitan Awami League Acting President Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury said the people of Bengal were so anxious about this verdict. It was cut through the pronouncement of the verdict. The criminals are punishedthis was what everyone wanted. We are not happy with this verdict, we are not happy, neither are we disappointed. We will be happy the day the verdict comes into effect.
City Awami League vice-president Khorshed Alam Sujon said Khaleda Zia organized her grenade attack on her son, Tarique Rahman, according to Pakistani Nilanaksha so that he could be in power by killing Awami League leaders including Sheikh Hasina. By killing Bangabandhu on 15th August, he thought that he would be able to wipe Awami League from Bangladesh. But their plan was not implemented.
Chittagong District Workers Party President Advocate Abu Hanif said those who opposed the war of liberation were the ones who killed Bangabandhu. Jamaat-BNP alliance, the anti-liberation force, was engaged in conspiracy to kill the peaceful people of this country through the killing. In its continuation, the bomb attack on August 21 was planned. Then they wanted to hide all the signs and take it differently. New dramas were also arranged to cover the incident. But the BNP failed in everything. Until we hang Tarique Zia, we will stay in the field.
National Socialist Party (JASD) metropolitan president Abu Bakar Siddique said the bomb attack was carried out in Tarique Rahman’s plot from Hawa Bhawan. 14 parties can not accept Tarique Rahman’s life forever He is still in London provoking provocations. Bringing him back to the country will be punished with maximum punishment. In order to protect the existence of non-existent Jamaat-BNP, some political leaders, some signboarders, are united in the open. They are also doing conspiracies that the next parliamentary elections should not be done fairly.
Jatiya Mahmongur general secretary Jasim Uddin, the president of Ganapati League Khorshed Alam, Tariqat Federation convener Morshed Kazi, General Secretary of the Ganatantri Party Kader Mulluk, Swapan Sen, the district leader of the district Jatiya Party’s JSD, Belayet Hossain, Nagar Awami, among others, spoke at the rally in the presence of Jatiya Awami League’s publicity secretary Shafiqul Islam Faruque. League vice-president Advocate Selim Kumar Sarker, organizing secretary Noman Al Moy Hamuda, Legal Secretary and District Bar Association president Advocate Iftekhar Chowdhury saimun.
Around 17 points in the city League and Organizations rally: On 21 August, the Awami League and its organizational leaders held rally in 17 points in the city on the basis of the verdict of the grenade attack. Speakers at the rally said that this grenade attack was done to defeat Awami League in Tarique Zia’s plan.
Metropolitan Awami League: General Secretary and City Mayor of the city Awami League AZM Nasir Uddin said the rally in front of the Darul Fazal Market office, the unity of the roadway is the power of the people’s leader, Sheikh Hasina. The war criminals and the killers of Bangabandhu have been hanging on the gallows. Grenade attack convicts also suffered the same fate. This verdict is historic. Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Acting President Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury said, “We are on the streets and will be on the streets. Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul, MA Rashid, Shafiqul Islam Faruq, Hasan Mahmud Shamsher, Jahrlal Hazari, Abul Mansur, Belal Ahmed, Gourango Chandra Ghosh, Amal Mitra, Mazharul Islam Chowdhury addressed the meeting in the meeting organized by Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Organizing Secretary Shafiq Adnan. , Tareq Sulaiman Selim, Mahiuddin Bachchu, Mahbubul Haq Suman and others.
North District Awami League: In the meeting organized by the district unit of Awami League in the meeting, the General Secretary and Zilla Parishad chairman MA Salam said that the purpose of the 21 August grenade attack was to defeat the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and defeat the Awami League. Awami League leader Ivy Rahman along with 24 leaders of Awami League was killed in that day’s grenade attack. Tarique Rahman should have been given the highest punishment of the main plotter of the attack on the verdict of killing 24 people. Yet, respecting the law, we demanded that Tarique Rahman be brought back to the country and the highest sentence of death penalty instead of the life sentence. Jitendra Prasad Nath Montu addressed the rally in the chairmanship of Prof. Mohammad Moinuddin, Vice-President of the organization. Abul Kalam Azad, Md. Jasim Uddi


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