World vision day

MT desk:
Although Bangladesh has been celebrated since 2000 with commitment to preventing blindness, this day is not yet established. The day goes a lot silently. The aim of celebrating the social movement towards the rights of the visually impaired This day is called to work sincerely to bring the eyes of the eyes of the blind.
It appears that an adult man blinds every five seconds in the world and blinds him every minute. This rate of blindness is alarming. Available in various cases, 45 million people in the world are blind 135 million people are suffering from eye problems. Later, which became the cause of blindness. About 180 million people around the world are suffering from such problems. And 90 percent of blind people are developing countries. Blindly, 7 million people every year. It is hoped that at least 80 percent blind blindness in the world is possible to remove blindness. Or it is possible to reduce the numbers through careful use. And it will be celebrated to remind the goal of bringing the goal to the world, to raise awareness among the concerned people and to take care of the responsibility, World Vision Day. On the occasion of World Vision Day, preparations are being made to launch a social movement in front of a target of internationally up to 2020. The oath has been taken to create a blind-free world by 2020. The World Health Organization has announced a comprehensive program in front of the target. The first of which is to identify blindness as an important health problem and develop social movements. Globally, 15 percent of the blindness is at the root of a type of sore infection called truckloada. In Africa, there is more of the prevalence of these diseases. Under the Vision 2020, the World Health Organization has taken steps to eradicate the tracemma. According to a report, 1.5 million children in the world are blindfolded. In Africa and Asia, the number of children in the continent is higher. In third world countries too
The rate of child blindness is higher. Especially in vitamins and the lack of adequate nutrients, children are blindfolded at a young age.

(Solidarity day of South African political prisoners)
Despite being announced by the United Nations General Assembly, this day is not celebrated equally around the world. In 1976, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11 as the solidarity day for political prisoners of South Africa. The United Nations General and Security Council has declared racism against the UN Charter. Since the 1960s, the Council called the principle of racism as a disgraceful act against humanity’s conscience. From that, the United Nations expressed solidarity with the struggling people against the hateful behavior of the government of South Africa. The United Nations makes clear the anti-apartheid position through a number of steps. The United Nations has several steps, called for all member states to discontinue diplomatic relations with South Africa in 1962, to abstain from South African products and to abstain from all types of exports, forming a committee for review of racism policy, forming the United Nations Trust Fund for South Africa , Declaration of international caste discrimination day, declaration of racial discrimination in 1973 In the continuation of these steps of the United Nations in 1975, the General Assembly announced that the General Council and international society have a special responsibility for those who were imprisoned, interned or detained during the liberation movement and the struggle against racism in the oppressed communities of South Africa. The council reiterates its determination to quickly expand racism and provide increased attention to the liberation of South African people and to recruit all necessary resources. It is to be noted that since 1948 South Africa has followed the policy of racial discrimination and color separation, the black people of that country are deprived of their basic rights and independence from the vast majority of the country which is totally contrary to the UN Charter.


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