World-class treatment


One of the basic rights of human being is the medical service. But if the service is not broad enough to get that service, then the path of recovery is blocked. Woe to grow The death comes to understand the suffering of the suffering. Doctors have a bit of tender touch, a little sympathy, a little smiling face, even a complicated and difficult disorder. Illusion causes disease. Medical science is very advanced now. The best way to diagnose the disease is by now. With the help of telemedicine, treatment of any patient in any part of the world has become increasingly affordable. It is seen that not only is the treatment, but the patient feels a lot of time in the face of a doctor’s mouth. It should be assured that many doctors are doing this by being autonomous. For them, poor and helpless women and men are getting health care in the hospital or at the doctor’s chamber. However, this is in the country of disorder. In fact, the vast majority of the population of the country live in the village. The medical services meant to them include swaddling doctors, water pumps, scratches and kabiraji systems. Which is not the way and method of healing. For long time, the influence or effect of these across rural Bengal has been observed. Yojan Yojana is far away from their thinking and thinking about advanced and modern treatment. In line with the modern world, medical doctors and medical centers could not make themselves suitable for modern and modern medical treatment. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu spoke about the rights of medical treatment of the people of Pakistan during the Pakistan period. In independent country, he took various initiatives to expand the medical field. It was said that the first duty of a doctor is to serve the people. Chicitors give the most important service. The mind of the doctors is so liberal and the service. A doctor can heal half of a patient’s health through good use. That is why it is advisable to treat people with the quality of service. It is undeniable that cultivating self-service through the standards and training of doctors in line with the era. In order to keep up with the world’s medical system, we can say for ourselves. Not only Dhaka centricity, it is bound to shrink the area of ​​basic human rights when people are not reached medical treatment services across the country. Farmers and poor people of the village rely on their treatment for upazila health complex and union health centers. But these are different types of crisis; Attacked by irregularities. So rural poor people are constantly deprived of medical treatment services. Public crisis and medical equipment in the upazila health complexes of remote areas are a major problem. Again, the equipment that does not have good use. The people who are employed are not being able to carry out their duties properly. Doctors are not interested in performing duties there. Everyone is city-centric. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also expressed her dissatisfaction that despite the appointment of a large number of new doctors, there is a growing trend of not having doctors in the rural areas. There are at least ten doctors in the health complex. But somewhere, there are four if there are too many. There the doctors do not. In the last two terms of the present government 12 thousand 846 new doctors have been appointed. But they do not want to go to the village. Sheikh Hasina’s government is very sincere to reach out to the rural poor. Besides, a medical university is being set up in every division of the country. This will expand the field of quality doctors. In such a situation, many complaints have been heard about the country’s medical sector. Neglect of treatment is one of them. World-class hospitals and diagnostic centers have been established in many districts in the digital era. When Bangladesh is going to be upgraded to middle-income country, then it is compatible to make the medical system of the country world class. The government is taking appropriate steps for the people of the country to get modern and advanced medical care. Therefore, the authorities must be alert to properly promote this sector. Reduce foreign dependence


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