This verdict has been adjudged worthy: the Home Minister


staff reporter : In response to the verdict of the August 21 grenade attack on Bangabandhu Avenue in Dhaka, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khaman Kamal said that if anyone does wrong, he will be punished. After the verdict on Wednesday afternoon, he told reporters at the Secretariat in an immediate reaction that people of Bangladesh think that the verdict has been judged. The verdict will be punished according to the verdict of those who do wrong in the country. Judge Shahed Noor Uddin, the number one judge of Dhaka’s fastest trial tribunal, gave the verdict of death sentence of 19 people including BNP State Minister for Home Lutfozzaman Babar and former Deputy Minister Abdus Salam Pinto. Khaleda Zia’s eldest son BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman, Khaleda Zia’s political secretary Harish Chowdhury and 19 others have been given life imprisonment. In addition, 11 policemen and army officers accused in the case have been given jail terms for different periods. On Aug 21, 2004, 24 people including Ivy Rahman were killed in a grenade attack on Awami League anti-terror rally in Bangabandhu Avenue; Hundreds of activists were injured. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina survived for a short while on the occasion of the present Prime Minister Awami League President Sheikh Hasina. But the grenade has lost its acute power. The verdict came in the wake of the attack that led to the assassination of Sheikh Hasina and led directly to the top leaders of BNP-Jamaat alliance. The Home Minister said, today is a big day for the nation. We think that the blackness of the nation which was coated with it has been removed today. We believe that the people of Bangladesh will breathe a relief that justice is established in this country, justice is done here and those who do such acts must be tried. Trial of Khaleda Zia’s elder son Tariq The government will take initiative from the government to bring the fugitive convicts back home, said the Home Minister. Thanking the journalists, he said that you know that the incident happened on that day to kill Sheikh Hasina, you told that courage on that day that you had given camber candy on that day, that the milli knew that how horrific, how heartbreaking happened, how cruelty was there . In this case, Kamal said that the government officials are being punished for giving false information and false information, no one will be able to neglect their responsibilities. Those who took such an atrocity program, those who gave shelter, who provided money, were hanged or hanged for life. We think it’s right. Whether the sentence of Tarique Rahman’s life imprisonment has been justified – the Home Minister said that a meeting was held in the Hawa Bhawan. The report of those of us who have investigated and our lawyers as appropriate. There is nothing to say about the judge who gave the verdict, he has properly considered. If our state party thinks the verdict is not right here, there is an appeal, there can be no comments, I do not comment on it. A journalist wanted to know the reaction of the current Home Minister about his death sentence and Babar’s death sentence and asked for his speech to the nation. In response, Kamal said that the message to the people – who will do mischief, will conspiracy, who will work for sedition, the traditional laws of the country will not spare them, people will never forget them, their crimes must be punished. The Home Minister said the Ekushey August grenade case was ‘happy’ in the verdict.


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