Sushmita Sen is returning


 Entertainment MT: Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. She has been seen in several popular films including Dasatak, Dhrifi Tum, Ankhae, Maay Hoo Naa, Maayen Peer Kiye Kiyasaha. She has taken place in the heart of the viewer in Ruppali screen. Sushmita is away from the light, camera, action for a long time. The actress, however, is back in the break after breaking the actress. A news media from India said
In this context, a source said in the press, ‘Two things like Sushmita were preferred. One of her character Madhya Pradesh’s women police officer. In 2003, he was seen in police character for the last time. But he wants this character to be somewhat different. He also received a proposal from the maker Mudassar Aziz. The actress is keen to work with the producer after the flick of Dulha Mil Gaya film.
Meanwhile, in the context of returning to the beginning of this year, Sushmita said, “I have been watching the screenplay for last one and a half years. I think I can give six months for a movie. But if I’m ready, the appropriate script is not ready for me yet. ‘
He also said, “I have always said that we will find out some way to maintain relations with you. I do not want to be a big star, I want to maintain your relationship with you. I am proud that the creator has given me the opportunity to become an actor. “Sushmita’s latest Bollywood movie No Problem. It was released in 2010. Of course, he has acted in the Indian Bengali Nirbak film directed by Shyjit Mukherjee. It was released in 2015.


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