Strong cyclone has become ‘Tittlie’, warning number 4


staff reporter : Cyclone ‘Titli’ caused by the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal is moving further towards the direction of Orissa and Andhra coast north-northwest with the form of a severe cyclonic storm. Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Pigeon seaport have asked to show the local alert signal number 4 as the cyclone is affected by the cyclone. Warning number 4 means that the port is inundated with cyclone, 51 to 61 kilometers per hour. But there is no danger to the danger that the ultimate security system will be taken right now. The special bulletin of the weather said that cyclone Titolali was located at 945 kilometers south-west of Chittagong Port, 640 kilometers southwest of Cox’s Bazar sea port, 815 kilometer south-west from Mongla and 815 kilometers southwest of Paira port. At that time, the maximum sustained wind speed in 64 kilometers of the cyclone center was 90 kilometers per hour, which was growing up to 110 kilometers per hour in the form of gusts or winds. All the fishing boats in the Bay of Bengal have been advised to stay safe till the trawler is given the next order. The Indian Meteorological Department said that cyclone could collect more energy as a cyclone on Wednesday midnight on Wednesday. In the early hours on Thursday, the cyclone can cross the Orissa and Andhra coast in the middle of Gopalpur and Kalingapattan areas. At that time, continuous maximum speed of the wind can be 120-130 kilometers per hour, which can increase up to 145 kilometers per hour in the form of gusts or winds. India’s forecast of the weather has said that after moving to the land, Titolas may gradually weaken from moving forward towards West Bengal. And the weather experts in Bangladesh say that some of the effects of cyclone can be read in Sunderbans, Satkhira, Bagerhat and Khulna areas of Bangladesh. The Meteorological Department says that due to the severe cyclone effect, cloud vortex is visible in different parts of the country. However, there are still some things to be worried due to the situation in Bangladesh.
Shipping in the country is going on: Bangladesh’s domestic water transport authority (BIWTA) has asked the countrywide to stop the navigation in the country due to cyclone Titali’s climate due to adverse weather conditions. A severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal is moving towards Orissa and Andhra coast. However, due to its influence, rain and wind in different places of Bangladesh. Public relations officer Mobarak Hossain Majumder said that the BIWTA has instructed to stop the internal water transport after noon on Wednesday. He said that due to the cyclone 4 danger hazards, our naval security and the naval traffic department took the decision. In the internal route, the movement of vessels will remain closed until further notice. The decision has been made to the different boat terminals, he said. Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Piara seaport have asked to show local alert signal number 4, due to the cyclone caused by the cyclone. According to the department, the continuous maximum speed of 90 km per hour in 64 km of cyclone Titoli center, which is growing up to 110 kilometers per hour in the form of gusts or winds. All fishing boats in the Bay of Bengal have been advised to stay in safe shelter until further notice.


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