Recruiting minister in the UK to prevent suicide


International Desk:
Fifty-five hundred people in the United Kingdom choose the path of suicide every year. The United Kingdom government has announced the appointment of ministers to prevent the death of a large number of people. Prime Minister Theresa has given the responsibility of the new ministry to Health Minister Jackie Price. This is the first time in the world to appoint ministers to prevent suicide. Representatives from 50 countries around the world have gathered in London to discuss the world’s mental health. At that time, the country announced the announcement of appointment of minister to prevent suicide. Theresa May’s government allocated money to recruit ministers as well as provide free psychological care services. Government has allocated 18 million pounds to a non-profit organization providing mental health services, Bangladeshi coins which are equal to about Tk 20 crores. The organization will provide free mental health services for the next four years. Between 2010 and 2017, the rate of suicide among young people in the UK increased 67 percent. Theresa May’s government has promised, new teams will be formed to ensure mental health services and be sent to school. They will advise students for mental health examination and their mental health. May said, ‘The reality that silences human beings and encourages suicide, we want to end that reality.


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