Rainfall disrupted life



staff reporter:
Due to the deep pressure caused by the Bay of Bengal yesterday, rainy days have occurred on Tuesday. Normal life was hampered due to the drawn rain. Water logging is created in the lower areas of the city. Meanwhile, due to hostile weather, seaports have been asked to show distant warning signal from the Meteorological Department.
In various places of the city, we went to different places of the city, due to the rain all day, people of school, college and office people had to suffer. On the other hand, the number of vehicles on the road was limited. In this, additional passengers have been counted for additional passengers. On the other hand, the people of Panjabi, Agrabad, Shantibag, Bepari Para, Chakbazar DC Road, Badrtala, Kapasgola, the introductory bend and some parts of the two gate areas were water-packed. Water was down in some places, but due to flooding of the channels there were rain water due to rainwater flooding. The city dwellers have to suffer terribly due to this. On the other hand, the city’s big wholesale market, Chaktai, in Khatunganj, was comparatively less than the other day, said traders. They had to suffer severe loss due to rain.
Shamim Akhter, an HSC second year student of Enayet Bazar Women’s College, standing in Amartil area in the rain, told The Muslim Times, after a few days, the final test will be done. It is very difficult to come to the college due to rain. Not really the problem. Important things to miss So the rains have to come to college.
munir Islam, who was standing at New Market on waiting for his return to the office, told  The Muslim Times that no matter how many rains should come in the office. Due to lack of adequate vehicles, it is difficult to return home. We also want to double the rickshaw. So, I’m standing in trouble. The bus will then go home.
Meanwhile, ordinary passengers are reliant on reaching their destination. Due to low vehicles, rickshaw drivers are also happy to get more rent the word of the rickshaw driver standing on the GEC intersection of the city. With sabudin  says, Due to rain the vehicles are less in the road. The number of rickshaws is also less. So the rent is a little higher than the other day.

Deputy Commissioner of Patenga Meteorological office, told the East Zone that on Monday six to seven in the evening, 79 mms of rain was recorded. However, this rainfall can be two or three days more. The trend for the next 48 hours can be increased.


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