Pakistan is purchasing military drones from China


International Desk:

Pakistan is purchasing military drones from well-wisher China after the agreement between India and Russia to buy S-400 Triumph of Advanced Technology.
This will be the biggest military purchase and sale agreement between Pakistan and China. Beijing has officially announced the sale of 48 wing lions-2 drone to Islamabad. Pakistan Air Force announced the agreement final.
Pakistan Air Force’s Sheridan Acrobatic Team announced on Sunday that their government account has been finalized; the ultra modern technology purchase agreement is final.
But nothing has been said from Beijing or Islamabad about how much drones are being bought. Even when China will supply or when will Islamabad be handed over, it has not been clarified.
At the same time, the air force’s acrobatic team and China’s Shandu Aircraft Industrial Group will jointly create these drones.
On the other hand, there was no response from the drone maker Shangdu Aircraft Industrial Group about the deal finalized. But Chinese government media Xinhua news earlier reported in a report that the flight of Wing Lu-2 drone in February was successful and the test was successful. The report claimed that the company received orders for selling drones from different countries before successful flight. Although the name of Pakistan was not mentioned


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