Kenyan bus accident kills half a dozen


MT Desk:
A Kenyan passenger bus fell on the road and at least 50 people were killed. Qatar-based Al Jazeera said the bus had 52 passengers. AFP police sources said the wounded were being treated at the local hospital. Local Red Cross said that the bus had more passengers than the capacity of the bus. However, the details of the accident are not known.
The British media quoted police sources as saying that the bus was caught on the way from Nairobi to western Kishumu on Wednesday morning. Local officials said that the roof of the bus has been opened. Police and witnesses said Al Jazeera said that the bus fell into the slope of the road when the driver lost control in an accidental area. Kenyan has a reputation for road accidents. World Health Organization (WHO) has said Kenya is one of the most risky countries in the world considering safe roads. In December, 36 people were killed in a head-on collision with a bus near Nairobi.


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