‘Jamal Khasogi was killed within two hours of entering the Saudi consulate’


International desk:
According to the Saudi Arabian’s highest leadership plan, the country’s renowned journalist Jamal Khasogi, who is known as the critics of Saudi Prince, was killed. On that day, he was killed in ‘two hours’ of entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. According to Turkish officials, in a report on Tuesday, the US-based newspaper The New York Times reported.
Turkish security officials believe that Saudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art Killing Squad or Killer Force was waiting for the Saudi Consul of Istanbul already for murder or abduction. They were waiting for the last Tuesday till noon when Khushogi appeared. This was his second entrance in Consulate. Before finalizing a separation with his wife, he had gone there one more time. Then he was informed that the papers were not correct. The last Tuesday will come again. Accordingly, he became the victim of Saudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art Hit Squad after being in consulate in the second phase.
Officials, including Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, however, refused to report the killing of journalist Jamal Khasogi. They claim that Khasogi has left the consignment that day. In view of this, Turkish President Rajab Tayyib Erdovan wanted evidence of leaving the embassy in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia fails to prove evidence, Turkish security officials say a detailed investigation into the matter. Turkish officials unwilling to disclose the name have described Saudi Arabia’s activities as ‘substantial dirty’ to the New York Times.
The official said, on the day when journalist Jamal Khasogi disappeared, 15 Saudi Agents (member of State Killing Mission) arrived in Turkey on two charter flights. They left Turkey after a few hours. Ankara has identified that all 15 people or most of the Saudi security forces or government employees in Saudi Arabia One of them was also a autopsy expert. He was probably brought to help in the separation of body parts of the body.
The New York Times reported that, in the past, the country’s President Rajab Tayyib Erdovan was notified about the monitoring of Turkish security officials. There was a threat to the murder of the journalist in the Saudi consulate.
Turkish media Daily Sabah said on Tuesday that searches are being done on the issue with the help of other country’s intelligence officers. Instead of killing Jamal Khasogi, he is rather missing; The emphasis is on such possibilities. However, a security official in the country has denied the news of the involvement of foreign intelligence in the investigation of the incident in The New York Times. Turkish officials do not yet agree to provide detailed information about this. Because they fear that if the information that has been handed to them is leaked now, the future of Saudi agents involved in the incident will have a negative effect on the trial. Another official informed the Times on condition of anonymity that the Turkish detectives found a video of the assassination. Officials talked about the video openly on Tuesday, but an assistant from Erdouan, who did not want to reveal the name. Kamal Ozturk, the pro-governmentist columnist, said he had a video of the murder moment. Meanwhile, journalist Jamal Khasogi has expressed concern over the disappearance of various countries and organizations, including United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Amnesty International. US President Donald Trump said, “I am worried about the matter.” The United Nations Human Rights Commission has urged Turkey and Saudi Arabia to cooperate with the investigations into the disappearance of the Khashogi. Amnesty calls for a detailed investigation into the matter with Turkey.
Trump said, “There are some bad stories about this. I do not like them. “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeated the statement of Trump. In a statement, he said there is conflicting news about this. But the United States is concerned about the disappearance of dysentery. He said, we urge the Saudi government to help us investigate and transparently issue this matter. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned the Saudi authorities in this incident, “Friendship relies on equal values”. The UN Human Rights High Commission spokesman Ravina Shyamdassani told the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency that the disappearance of the Khashogi from the Saudi consulate was “fatal”. He said, “If the unfortunate situation of his death and the consequences are true, then it is really sad. We urged Turkey and Saudi Arabia to cooperate to publish a fast, neutral and independent investigation of the disappearance of the famine.
Shyamdasani further said, “There are so many questions about what’s happening right after entering the dosage consulate. So before making any comments on this, we will wait till the matter becomes clear. ‘ Expatriate journalist Khashogi is the great commentator of Saudi Arabia’s influential Prince of the series Muhammad bin Salman. Born in Saudi elite, the journalist has been in exile in the United States since last year. While in exile, he wrote columns in The Washington Post, criticizing the reform program that started under Yuvraj’s leadership.
Note that the exiled journalist and columnist Dashogi from Saudi Arabia has disappeared after being admitted to the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul on October 2, 2018. Turkey


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