Abe calls for Suchi ‘credible’ investigation on Rohingya question

MT Desk:
Myanmar’s State Advisor Aung San Suu Kyi has urged Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to conduct a credible investigation into racial attacks on Rohingyas. In a joint press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, Assured, Japan will help the Myanmar government to provide accommodation for Rohingya who return from Bangladesh. This is known from a report from the US news agency AP. After the attack on some security guards of Rakhine on August 25, 2017, the Myanmar army strengthened the pre-planned and structured violence. About seven million people of Rohingya people flee to Bangladesh to escape from violence and persecution of various sections, including murder and rape. Several human rights organizations have found evidence of crimes against humanity in this incident. The United Nations Human Rights Commission has called this incident ‘textual examples’ of ethnic killings. But the Myanmar army has denied these allegations. Myanmar State Advisor Aung San Suu Kyi is on a tour to Tokyo to attend six regional Mekong regional summits. Abe and Suu Kyi held a joint press conference on Tuesday. Abe Suu Kyi called for conducting a credible investigation at the time of the killing of Rohingya at that time. Abe said, “The problem is complex and serious. Japan will discuss this with Myanmar and help the country’s efforts to solve the problem. It is important to have a credible investigation through an independent panel. “On Tuesday, Suu Kyi acknowledged the importance of ensuring ‘perfect and proper’ investigation. But Suu Kyi’s Safai song for the government supervisory panels in the investigation. He mentioned that the panel is free and effective. After the human rights organizations demanded to investigate the cases of Rohingya persecution in the International Criminal Court, Myanmar constituted the investigation panel after being constituted. However, many are skeptical about how neutral the panel’s investigation process will be. One of the four members of the investigation panel is Japan, one from the Philippines and two from Myanmar. Suu Kyi’s claim, they are all skilled on human rights and international issues. Suu Kyi welcomes Japan’s support for Rohingyas’s reinstatement efforts. Earlier, the authorities of Myanmar conducted their own investigation, including the army and rescued the army from the allegations. In a report published in the United Nations last August, Myanmar military officers must be brought to justice because of involvement in Rakhine genocide and crimes against humanity. It is said that the civilian authorities with the army also fueled the killings. State adviser Aung San Suu Kyi failed to stop this violence by exercising her constitutional authority. The United Nations has been surprised by the level of refusal and denial of Myanmar government in the Rakhine massacre.


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