Whole Cox’s Bazar City wide Banner Festoon: Bangabondhu cup football Philippines and Tajikistan will play in the first semester today



Sports reporter:
Cox’s Bazar is becoming part of history today. After the creation of the Cox’s Bazar stadium in 1956, this time for the first time, there will be an international men’s football tournament. In this, the first semi-final of the Bangabandhu Football Tournament will be played on Tuesday (Tuesday) by two strong teams, Philippines and Tajikistan. The duo will start in the final two o’clock in the afternoon. Bangladesh will host the second semi-final tomorrow with Palestine. Earlier, in 2010, the final phase of the Women’s Safa Football Tournament was successfully completed at Shaheed Bir Shrestha Ruhul Amin Stadium in Cox’s Bazar.
The enthusiasm and enthusiasm has been observed in the tourism district surrounding this event. The garment robe around, the banner filled the whole city. When contacted, General Secretary of Cox’s Bazar District Sports Association Anup Bara-Apu said, “All our preparations have been completed.” We are proud to organize two semifinals in such a big tournament for the first time. There has been a lot of changes in our infrastructure too. We have to do more work, such as expanding the gallery, expanding the range of the press box. For this, we have spent 10 lakhs rupees for us. We did not receive any financial assistance from BFF. District council gave us two lakh rupees. Apart from Ramu, the former national footballer of Cox’s Bazar and BFF member Bijan Bara-yah is spending everything he needs in his own right. Our District Sports Association officials are spending money where needed. Besides, district football associations are also helping us in various ways.
On this occasion, the coach, captain and manager of the other three semi-finalists, without the host Bangladesh, came in front of the reporters at the Hotel Cox Today Lobby. Each of them expressed optimism about winning. However, the two teams are watching the city’s heat grow bigger than the main opponents of the field. Philippine Head Coach Yoseph Malzani and captain Misak Vaduran want to win the match with their best, refuting the opposition strong. Earlier, the Philippines won twice against Tajikistan. Meanwhile, Tajikistan’s head coach Ali Shah Tuchev and captain Fatulawab are worried about the injuries and weather conditions of the team. But they both feel that they have to face this problem. Yet to win the match must be ensured.
Meanwhile, football fans of the Cox’s Bazar district are hopeful of watching two Jump Football matches today and tomorrow. Especially the visitors are looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s match The main reason being that Bangladesh is in the team, 4 players of Cox’s Bazar green, Ibrahim, Jiku and Sushant Tripura.


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