The attempt of blockade of Nimtala failed One hour in city gate, 4 hour road blockade in a k khan area



Chittagong bureau:

Garment workers blocked roads in C & B area for demanding 5-point demand for trade union, trade union and closing of Tk 20 in the name of trade union. Due to the blockade, the movement of vehicles was blocked from 10am to 4 hours on Arakan road. In addition to blocking the quota rehabilitation, freedom fighter’s child command was blocked in the city gate area; traffic remained closed for one hour on the highway. Passengers are facing extreme hardship due to road blockage.
Workers said that the Azim Group located in the BSCIC industrial area was being beaten, tortured and tortured by workers on various pretexts. Payroll bonus also provided irregularly. Two workers, Rubel and Millat, were beaten to death while they were working on Monday morning. After complaining to the authorities, the workers gathered together and started protesting because no solution was made. At one stage, workers reached and scared in BSCIC industrial area. After the assurance of accepting the demands of the police and the owners’ compromise meeting, the workers lifted the blockade after the workers.
Many workers of the factory said that labor unions have been formed with the help of the authorities and the ex-workers have been formed. Every year in the name of union, the salary is cut from 20 tk per month. These accounts are not given to any accounting workers. If anyone wants to protest against this, the workers are beaten and tortured by the workers. Last month, union publicity secretary Rubel was beaten to death when he protested. A few days ago he was detained again. After informing the authorities, no complaints were given to the police by calling ‘999’ and the workers informed the workers. Immediately the police came and rescued him. Last Sunday Rubel and Millat were beaten up. Workers started protesting without joining the work. Thousands of people have to suffer terribly because of the road blockade due to the closure of all types of vehicular traffic. Especially women and children have to suffer from untimely sufferings.
Rubel Uddin (22), injured in the attack, has been admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital Police Outpost Naik MA Hamid said.
Apart from torture and beatings on workers, the Azim Group’s sweater factory has not been given regular salary bonuses. The workers have to suffer from financial crisis.
Chandgaon Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abul Bashar told The Muslims Times that the workers were beaten to death by the workers, 20 taka in the name of labor union, security and five points were demanded. Following the assurance of accepting the demands of the workers in connection with the reconciliation between labor representatives, labor department, owner party and police, the block was withdrawn.
Meanwhile, the Dhaka-Chittagong highway was blocked in the city gate area under the central program under the initiative of Freedom Fighters Command. Vehicular movement was closed from 10am to one-hour highway in the morning. This blockade was demanded to reclaim the quota. Former BCL general secretary Nurul Azim Roni said that the block was lifted after an hour. Then the traffic movement became normal.
In the city’s Nimtala area, some workers tried to block the truck; there was a rift between the two sides. Chittagong District Truck-Cover van Workers Union President Shafiqur Rahman said that the blockade of truck sharks in the Dhaka division was going on. Some workers from Dhaka tried to block the road here with the help of local workers. But there was no central announcement about Chittagong Police and labor union leaders and workers’ efforts to stop the efforts. Referring to the closure of the half-hour vehicle, he said, the leaders of Dhaka organized a series of blockades on Chittagong port to create chaos in the country. Because we did not have a decision, we stopped it.


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