Parliamentary constituency Ruling Awami League has the power to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections. In contrast, BNP is completely opposite Tension – Chittagong-6



Chittagong bureau:

In the Chittagong-6 parliamentary constituency (RUJAN) candidate the ruling Awami League, has the power to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections. In contrast, BNP is completely opposite Tension free from the Awami League candidate in this seat. The absence of any other candidates in the area, the only and single candidate of this constituency is the sitting MP and chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railway Ministry ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury. There is no alternative to Rauzane. This constituency was defeated by the Awami League from the elections of 1973 to 1996. Fazle Karim recovered the Awami League seat in the 2001 election. He is presently Member of Parliament from three seats. The party and the people have been firmly supported. With the help of thousands of crores of rupees in the area in the last 22 years, Fazle Karim has full confidence in local Awami League and organs. There are no other candidates in the party and no activity is seen in the area. Because of this, Fazle Karim Chowdhury, who is going to get the ticket as the single candidate of the Awami League in the next election, now firmly believes in local leaders, activists On the other hand, names of two people are being heard as BNP candidates in the last few times. They are the younger brother of BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, vice president and former MP Gias Uddin Quader Chowdhury and BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia’s adviser, Former MP, former ambassador Golam Akbar Khandker, who is hanged for war crimes.
The Awami League’s Awami League’s organizational dominance is due to the excessive misuse of the BNP. They did not have a meeting in the last ten years. Their complaints, lawsuits, and the fear of the attack have left them away from organizational activities in the area. Besides, the BNP is divided into Raugan. Giasuddin Quader Chowdhury led a group and Golam Akbar Khandaker led another group. In this constituency, since 1996, Awami League-BNP was the most competent opponent in every election. This time around, BNP has become a big corner in the elections. The lack of confidence in the organizational weakness, the lack of confidence among the activists, the resignation from the area, and some of the other groups due to resignation from the party due to various reasons are weak compared to here. On the other hand, Awami League MP ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury has been working with the aim of making the Upazila Model Upazila reviving the whole of Chittagong. His leadership, activities – examples of people in many upazilas In the 2001 election, when Awami League got a large number of seats in the country, one of the winners was Chittagong-6 (Raozan). Fazle Karim has not lost his seat since this election. Because of the development and party unity under his leadership, the Awami League is in a convenient position in the next election in the next election. After independence, Fazle Karim has gained confidence in the minds of the people; no other leader of Awami League could have held such confidence in Rauzane after independence. Now, from the party’s leaders and activists, the general supporters, the voters also accept it unilaterally.
Present situation of Awami League:
No candidate of the Awami League won this constituency from 1996 until 1996. ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, who joined Awami League in 1996, was defeated in a short span by contesting the election. Awami League candidate Fazle Karim saw the victory of the 2001 election. He defeated BNP candidate Giasuddin Quader Chowdhury. In the next election of 2008, he was elected a member of parliament for the second time defeating the same candidate of BNP. Fazle Karim was elected unopposed in the last 2014 elections. Since the election of the MP of the constituency, the scene of the underdeveloped Rauzan began to change. In the unprecedented development, this upazila has become a unique upazila among the people of Chittagong. Chairman of 14 union councils of the upazila, councilor of 9 wards of the municipality and councilor of every ward, and union of Awami League, Jubo League and BCL are also headed by Fazle Karim Chowdhury. Under his leadership, every party of the upazila, national day is celebrated. Against Fazle Karim, no other candidate of the same party is in the field of election. He is spearheading the day-night election area as the single candidate. The MPs spend most of the time in meetings, gathering, listening to the ceremony, attendance at the host and social gathering. Due to the strong organizational position, there are huge leaders in the Awami League. Now Raozan is in Awami League. In addition to the efforts of Fazle Karim, there are 14 under 14 unions of the upazila, two permanent municipal offices of 16 Awami League and body organizations under the municipal government. Local leaders and activists think that it is rare in the country. In the upazila Juba League, the BCL committee has been formed and the new leadership has been given to the organization. However, Upazila Awami League president Shafiqul Islam Chowdhury died as the acting president, vice president Kamal Uddin Ahmed replaced him as acting president.
Three times elected Awami League MP ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury said, “When I came to politics, Raozan was like a war-torn area. No visible development seen in humans just watched murders, fights, fights, theft robbery, robbery, motorcyclists I have been working for the people of Rujaan for 22 long years. People are happy and sad. I’ve eliminated terrorism. My politics is the politics of establishing human rights. Something I’ve got to ask for


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