North 24th Agrabad Ward the narrow path, they are filled with dungeons again. Woe to grow along the way when there is little rain



staff reporter:
The narrow path, they are filled with dungeons again. Woe to grow along the way when there is little rain. There is no way; therefore the common man is forced to move through this narrow path. The pictures of Nawab Ali truck depot road in Asakarabad area of ​​the city. Down the road from Dhaka Trunk Road, the road length is two hundred meters. Two of the roads are located in the four garment factories. Almost eight thousand workers who work in these factories are required to travel daily with this road. They cannot tell anyone about the pain caused by the workers when they are going to the factory through this road. On the other hand, they are duty-bound to look after the people who do not see the suffering. So the anger and frustration of the workers and ordinary people are in the eyes.
It is learned that, along with the Nawab Ali truck depot road, Four H Fashion Limited, Farzana Fashion Apparel Limited, Fashion Watch Limited and Miles Stone Fashion Limited are in the market. Every day, more than 200 vehicles, including large cover van carry the goods of the factories from the factory every day. As a result, the situation in the street is getting worse day by day. Because of this, women and children, including the common people, have been disturbed by road movement.
Locals said that the authorities concerned did not have the eyes of the road to rig the road. The road situation is getting worse every day. Due to this road, due to the carriage of goods in the garment factories, the road accidents have increased. If there is little rain on it, the water in the holes is ineligible for accelerated movement. Residents and Garment Workers said that if the city corporation took initiative for the development of the road, then the release would be released from this suffering.
If you want to know about the important road for public transport, Agrabad Ward councilor Nazmul Haque Duke told, no application from the local people about the road. If the locals get an application, we will take action to improve the road development.



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