Krishnan is back in the country Coach wants more improvement in girls



Sports reporter:

A couple of months ago, the under-15 women’s wrestling champion had to return to the finals and return to the ninth place. Girls have returned home with heroes in the Under-18 Women’s Safai Championship. On Sunday evening, Bhutan won the title trophy by defeating Nepal 1-0 in the final match of Thimphu in Bhutan and the women’s team did not stay long in the country. On Monday morning, the team has been present in the tournament. Girls won the title, landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the morning and took part in the morning. The country has won a great success in the country’s football titles during the drought, and they have been relegated to the heroic reception. Coach Golam Rabbani Chhotaon Vasalen praised his pupils. In the first match, the doubles title of Joy won. The coach said, “It always feels good to win the title. If you are a champion in the first tournament of the tournament, then it is better to be a better person. “Bangladesh started the tournament with a record win against Pakistan. Golam Rabbani was impressed by his excellent performance in every match, ‘The girls played very well. We lost Pakistan to 17-0, it is our biggest victory in the group of both age and national team. After that Nepal lost the final after the group stage. I have won the semifinal against Bhutan with a lot of showing. I would say, in every match, the girls played very well. “The team’s performance in the final was not as good as the previous matches. Bangladesh won the only goal of the second half. The coach explained, “In the second half of the final against Nepal, we had the full dominance in the second half. In the first half, the game was equal in equality. Still I am certainly happy with the team’s game. Nepal is a good team; they also tried to play well. The two teams have been lively. In the first half, women have made opportunities. For example, the one-on-one situation got an opportunity but it could not be used. But the biggest thing is that girls have made opportunities in every match. “Golam Rabbani does not want to stop here He said, ‘There are actually opportunities for improvement in all divisions. If they go up from there to that level now they will have to make more progress. There is no end to progress. “The coach has already made the next mission with this team,” This will be the selection of the AFC U-19 championship in Tajikistan in late October. I am currently focusing on this tournament. “


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