Construction of houses in Bayezid by cutting down the hill of Tunkir


reporter MT:

The allegations of illegally constructing houses in the hills have been found in the city’s Bayazid Botami area under Ali Nagar area. It is known that Wadud Mia of the area, Mohammad Hasan and his associate Riton, Mostafa, Mizan Mill are constructing houses in the hills. Wadud and Mohammad Hasan were illegally lodged in the hills with a complaint in Bayazid Bostami Police Station. Jasim Uddin
On the complaint, Jasim Uddin mentioned that Wadud Mia and Mohammad Hassan Bayezid removed the tree from the place of Hazari’s house in Alinagar area under the police station of Bostami. They also built houses in the mountains.
Realizing the construction of houses is found in the hills in the field of observation. It is seen that construction of some houses is under construction in the hills, and construction of some houses is almost done in the last phase.
About Bayazid Bostami Police Station officer in charge (OC) Ahaur Rahman said, a few days ago we received a complaint from the hill. We both spoke to the police station. We told them not to construct any houses illegally by cutting mountains. But one side tells us that they are building pillars to protect them from the hills.


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