Under-18 Football Girls of unbeaten champion. Red-green jersey holders once again defeated Nepal on the final



Sports reporter:
Two months ago, the women of Bangladesh could not reach the trophy from the handmade distance while playing the game, Swapna Krishnara, The failure of the Under-15 team to give up the under-18 team. Bangladesh is undefeated champion in the Under-18 Clear championship in the grand performance of Red Green Girls. Bangladesh women’s team lost to Bangladesh 1-0 in the final on Sunday in Bhutan’s Chonglimithang stadium. Masuma Parvin scored the only goal in the 49th minute of the match in Thimpu.
While the Safa U-15 Championship trophy was lost to India, the seasonal championships of Moushumi, Swapna, Krishna, Maria, Sanjida and Tinhara were topped by South Asia’s new tournament Under-18 Championship. Pakistan was started by blowing up Nepal is again ending with a taste of the other. Bangladesh is now unbeaten champions in the first round of the tournament Bangladesh has won the title of the highest goalscorer with title. Sirat Jahan Swapna won the trophy by 8 goals.
In the semi-finals, Bhutan suffered a 4-0 loss in the semi-final due to a light injury. Forward forward Sirat Jahan Swapna Nepal returned to the eleven match. But in the first half of the match, the team could not get the dream of fire. Due to the wrong pass, the attack did not develop from the middle ground at the beginning. As much as possible in the group stage of Nepal’s attack, the Himalayan girls appear to be very different in the final. The Nepalese have a reputation for fighting very hard. Nepal started the same way against Bangladesh in the final. Red-green striker Sirat Jahan placed Swapna in a strict marking in place of Marjia. Mariah was not allowed to enter the midfield, Monica did. Captain Mousumi and Sanjida could not do justice to the name. The first attack in the match was Nepal However; Bangladesh goalkeeper Rupna Chakma did not have much trouble to stop them in the 7th minute. He also gave the opportunity to counter the ball with the ball, he sent the ball to Nepal’s edge. Krishna Rani government can not utilize Nepal goalkeeper alone On the head of Anjana Rana Magar, his shot went out of the field beside the goalpost. In 15 minutes, Rupna was attacked by another Nepalese attack. In the 22nd minute, losing the opportunity to the team, former 16-year-old national captain Krishna lost. Goalkeeper straightens the ball without letting the dream lie in its own way. In the last 44 minutes before the break, Bangladesh took the shot. Sirat Jahan Swapna could not enter defender but entered the box. He was forced to take a shot from outside the box. It easily resisted by Anjana. After the break, Nepal made an opportunity to get a free kick in the 47th minute. Rupna gave them the power of great efficiency. After two minutes, the free kick used to go ahead with the help of Bangladesh. Swapna foul is a little over mid-field and Bangladesh gets free-kick. Misrat Jahan season-breaking free kick, broke the trap of offside and defended the head of the defender, defender Masura Parveen. This is his first goal in the tournament and at the end of the game, fate is determined. Then, in the 51st minute, the ball fell off from the midfield, Bangladeshi goalkeeper got his hands off But the goalspace in the ballpost is missed. In the 61st minute, Anjana scored a shot easily. However, in 68 and 72 minutes, in front of Goalbar in front of two great opportunities Nepal could not put into use. Bangladesh has made it the only goley win festival. Bangladesh finished the tournament with just one goal, against the opponent’s 24 goals. In the Under-18 Women’s Football Championship, Nepal lost the last match of the Bangladesh Group stage, which started flying in 17-0 by Pakistan. Golam Rabbani Chiton’s disciples got the ball in the semi-finals after losing the match to Nepal 2-1 in the group champions. The women in the semi-finals are also strong. Bangladesh will be eliminated in the 4-0 goal by ensuring the final. Then red-green jersey holders once again defeated Nepal on the final stage.


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