Tomorrow faces Philippine and Tajikistan Cox’s Bazar Ready for the Bangabandhu Gold Cup football Semi-Finals



Sports reporter:
Four teams from the semi-finals, Palestine, the Philippines, Tajikistan and Bangladesh reached Cox’s Bazar at 3:30 pm on Sunday to participate in the Bangabandhu semifinals. Team players go straight to the airport Cox 2 from the airport. These four teams came to Cox’s Bazar to participate in the two semi-finals of the Bangabandhu Gold Cup International Football Tournament on 9 and 10 October. The matches will be played at the Bir Shreshtha Ruhul Amin Stadium in Cox’s Bazar. The Philippines will take part in the first semifinal match on 9 October tomorrow, Tajikistan. The next day will take part in the second semifinal match on October 10 in Bangladesh vs. Palestine. The match will start every day around 2:30.
Cox’s Bazar District Sports Association’s General Secretary Anup Barua said that the name of the Father of the Nation will be held in two Semi-finals of the tournament at the Birshreshtha Ruhul Amin Stadium in Cox’s Bazar. The four-team players, including Bangladesh, reached Cox’s Bazar on Sunday to take part in the semifinal match. He said all the preparations of the field were completed. Galleries have been arranged for visitors to the new look. Twelve thousand viewers will be able to enjoy the game. Tickets for the visitors have been priced at Rs 100 per gallery and 200 in the chair. Besides, the raffle draw is available every day for the visitors. It will be a mini TVS motorcycle, a mini-refrigerator and a Minister LED TV. Cox’s Bazar city and eight upazila banks started selling tickets on October 4. Many tickets have already been sold, he said. Bangabandhu Gold Cup International Football Competition-2011 Cox’s Bazar Member Secretary and Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Mahidur Rahman said that under the leadership of coach Jamie Dey and Jamal Bhuiyan, there are 4 young people of Cox’s Bazar in the Bangladesh team. They are national stars Sabuj, Ibrahim, Jiku and Sushant Tripura. On October 10, the local heroes of the house field mother Cox’s Bazar District Football Association President Fazlul Karim Sayedi said that the venue is going to get the Bir Shubh Ruhul Amin Stadium in the center of the international venue in football. This is good news for Cox’s Bazar. Many people have already collected ticket by responding to organizers Bangabandhu Gold Cup football.



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