Tanushree is now on the screen of Salman Khan


Tanushree Dutt and Salman Khan: The pictures are collected

Entertrtainment MT:
Bollywood actress Tonyushree Dutt on the sets of Salman Khan, who did not want to comment on various pet cases. If Tanushree Dutt appeared on Salman Khan’s show then he would be vandalized in the Big Boss Set. Maharashtra has recently made such a threat to India’s newly built army. It is known that the authorities have threatened to go to the Big Boss’s Lonavla set.

In a media interview, Tanushree said, ‘If Big Big House is in heaven and Salman Khan is not a man, a god is wrong. I do not have any idea of ​​going to the big boss’s house. “On the other hand, Tanushree Dutt, who went on a bump over Salman Khan, did not make any explicit comment. But in such a comment about Salman Khan, but there has already been a buzz about Tonyushi in part of B-Town.

Recently, Salman Khan is questioned about the controversy surrounding various peters and tanushri dutt. Where Salman said, ‘I do not know why there is a debate about Tony Dutta and various patakars. To comment on this, we need to know everything first. “Not only that, if something happens to Tanushree Dutt, then the law will take action. That means that Salman Khan does not want to say much about Tonsuri Dutt and various patak debates.


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