Directional model for South Asia’s development- Dr. Moshiur


staff reporter:
Chittagong University, Bangladesh Institute of Social Sciences Research Institute and Bangladesh University of School Education Commission (UGC) jointly organized a two-day International Conference on “Reithing Development in South Asia” at the auditorium of the Faculty of Business Administration. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s economic adviser was the chief guest at the program. Moshiur Rahman. Professor Abdul Mannan, Chairman of the University School, Grant Commission, was the special guest. The vice-chancellor was Chittagong University Vice-Chancellor. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Shirin Akhtar and Executive Director for ‘Manakshi’ Shahin Anam Presided over the inaugural function and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Director of Social Science Research Institute Professor Dr. Farid Uddin Ahmed
In his speech, the Economic Advisor thanked the organizers for organizing International Conference in Chittagong University. He is a political-economic perspective of South Asian countries, aspects of prospects of economic prosperity and comparative image of development-progress of Bangladesh after independence and independence The present day modern architect of Bangabandhu, highlighting the development and development of the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s unprecedented success and development. He said that the relations between the countries of the region, mutual harmony, safety, development of the lives of common people and increase in per capita income, employment generation, poverty reduction, expansion of business and expansion, education-higher education and research exchange, communication system and physical infrastructure development , The untimely success of information technology, the creation of socio-cultural affiliation, establishment of industrial factories, A directional model for the development of the region, with the success of women and child development and empowerment of women, health care, achievement of the agricultural sector, and the strengthening of friendly relations with neighboring countries.
UGC Chairman in his speech, highlighting a documentary of the success of the present government, said that among the South Asian countries, Bangladesh is now the role model of development. Under the dynamic and dynamic leadership of the present government, Bangladesh is proud to achieve the status of middle-income country. The UGC chairman emphasized on the development of the young generation’s intellectual strength and the development of modern thinking to continue the development trend, said, adding that all challenges will be strengthened between South Asian countries and strengthen the mutual good relations. At the same time, proper implementation and positive use of all the agreements is one of the prerequisites for overall development of the region. He also said that now the time has come to find a specific way of coordinating with the development partner and coordinating our young teachers and researchers. In today’s international conference, the modern science-based recommendations will get the address of that path.

Mashiur Rahman and UGC chairman professor Abdul Mannan attended the International Conference and congratulated him on behalf of the University of West, for giving glory to the Chittagong University. Together, organizing an international conference on development of South Asia welcomed the organizers and thanked the teachers and researchers and economists from abroad and abroad for this conference. He said, among the South Asian countries, Bangladesh is now on the highway of development. It is time to think about the development and progress of sustainable and public relations. In this context, the Vice-Chancellor said, it is possible to sustain this development-progress through ensuring economic relations between political-economic stability, social security, global climate change, and ensuring the existing good relations between the countries in the region. The Vice-Chancellor announced the inauguration of the conference and the crest was given by the Vice-Chancellor, expressing the hope that important guidelines will be available in discussions and post-question papers presented to teachers and researchers and economists from abroad and abroad.
Inauguration ceremony was conducted by Professor Dr. Chowdhury of the Department of Public Administration. Amir Muhammad Nasrallah At the International Conference, 150 teachers and researchers from abroad and abroad participated, among which 20 researchers from the United States, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal will take part. Teachers and researchers from 90 countries and abroad will present 90 essays at the conference Speaking as a keynote speaker in the technical session, the director of the Center for Development Practices Anup Kumar Dhar Presided over by Jagannath University, Professor of Department of Anthropology. AHM Jahidul Karim. The scheduled negotiator was Professor of Bangladesh Asian University. Will Tulsidor Douglas Dean of various faculties of the University of Chabbis, Hall of Provost, Divisional President, Director of Institute and Research Center, journalists and guests of teachers, print and electronic media were present at the opening ceremony of the two-day conference.


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