Construction of the airport Passenger Terminal Building started in Cox’s Bazar


staff reporter:
Construction of modern international passenger terminal buildings at Cox’s Bazar Airport has been started. The work started on September 5. Its expenditure has been estimated at Tk. 265.77 million. Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority Passenger terminal termination work is scheduled to end on March 23, 2020. According to the sources, the work of upgrading at Cox’s Bazar Airport International Airport is in progress. It requires international passenger terminal buildings to operate international flights. Now his work has started. There are also a boarding bridge, an escalator, five elevators, baggage handling system, central air conditioning control system, PA system, FIDS, CC TV and Baggage scanning machine in the passenger building. Through these establishments, an international standard passenger terminal will be completed. Apart from this, a new apprentice and connecting taxiway, car parking area and VVIP lounge will be constructed under this project. Project Director of Cox’s Bazar Airport Development Project According to Aminul Hasib, Senior Deputy Assistant Engineer Tarek Ahmed told The Muslim Times that if international standard passenger terminal buildings are constructed, international flight management and superior airport parking facilities will be provided from Cox’s Bazar Airport. Immigration and customs facilities will be provided as international airports which will take Cox’s Bazar tourism industry to the international level. Work has already started. He said that under the Airport Development Project, the extension of the first phase of the first phase of the runway has already been completed with the increase of 975 feet from the length of the runway and the length of the runway from 150 feet to 200 feet (200 feet). Now the work of establishing an international terminal building of a modern airport has started. Now the construction of the terminal and the installation of the terminal are going on.
Rezaul Karim, project manager of the National Department of Engineers Limited, said that although the work started, the lighting could not be arranged. If lighting arrangements are made faster, the work will go faster. There is a possibility of ending this work by 2020. Cox’s Bazar District Awami League General Secretary and mayor Mujibur Rahman told The Muslim Times that due to the world’s largest beach, Cox’s Bazar, the city has been given special importance for the development of the city as the most important tourist destination. At present, this beach is attracting not only the people of the country but also tourists from different countries of the world. Besides, sea fishes, dried rice, etc. from Cox’s Bazar can be one of the most exportable products.



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