American public against the Trump’s ‘Palestinian policy’


MT desk:
US President Donald Trump has raised the voice of Palestine against the general public of the United States.
Trump has recently allocated US allies to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), a fund collector for Palestinian refugees But the Middle East news media based Middle East News reported that the US people started giving money to the organization standing in front of Trump’s position. Even though the amount of citizens’ financial assistance is lesser than the state budget allocation, officials associated with the organization say that this shows the support of the general American support for the Palestinians.
UNRWA has been providing humanitarian assistance to more than five million Palestinians who have been refugees in neighboring countries, fleeing their homes in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.
But in the beginning week of September, the company announced the cancellation of funds in the trump administration. The US Department of State said in a statement that the refugee organization is incredibly defective; the United States does not want to carry this burden. United States made 30 percent of the United Nations agency for the Palestinians. Last year the United States gave $ 264 million in funding.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Heather Nouvard said that 60 million dollars was paid in January this year and no further fund will be given. The Middle East news watchdog Middle East said that the United States was the biggest contributor to UNRWA.
But due to the lack of US allocation for the organization, the Palestinian assistance agency is now struggling to cope with the situation.

Voice of America: The decision of the Trump administration to change the definition of Palestinian refugees and to change the definition of Israel, opened the eyes of the Palestinians. ‘UNRW USA USA’ is a separate organization working with UNRW. Laila Mokhiber, the communications director of the company, said recently there is a strong interest in funding US citizens. His comment, “Palestinian refugees have now come to the center of negotiations with people. Previous
A lot more Americans now know what the UNRWA is. The more we can bring to the organization’s action, the more people will get the support of the organization.


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