Terrorists of Rangunia have been arrested with 10 weapons



staff reporter:
Police arrested Saiful Islam, 23, a terrorist and illegal arms trader in Rangunia upazila with 10 firearms and 27 round bullets. A foreign and a domestic pistol, 3 guns, 3 LGs, 2 pipes and 27 rounds of fresh bullets were recovered from the terrorists of the Jangal Sarfwata area of ​​the upazila. She is the son of Amir Hossain Prakash Rosaiya of Kinder Karkul village in Sarfvata union of Rangunia. The murder of the sensational lawyer, Ahmad, against him, NGOs, BRAC’s five lakh taka, and a number of cases of murder and extortion of extortion were filed in Rangunia police station. On Thursday evening, Assistant Police Superintendent said. Under the leadership of Jahangir, police arrested Rapid Action Battalion Police, surrounded the village of Nardhara in the hill area of ​​Firingigkhil and Sarfwata union of Shilk union of the upazila. Most of the police officers and the police took part in the crackdown on police in the raid to arrest the dacoit and murderer Saiful. For five months the police was trying to catch the weapon trader. On Saturday noon, District Police Nure Alam Mina told a press conference. The press conference was organized at the Halishahar Police line of the city.
Saiful has been accused of widespread terrorism in the area including the court’s arrest warrant. Residents of the Sarpvata union of Rangunia have relieved that the terrorists have been arrested in the worst case, residents said.
Mohammad Jahangir, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Rangunia Circle said that Saiful remained in the hilly areas of Rangunia and used to trade terror activities and weapons. She ran the arms business from fleeing to the hills, secretly. Six teams of police were working in the past five months to catch him. The police tried to arrest him several times before the accuser’s house was in remote hilly area. Seeing the presence of police on Thursday, I went to Saiful to escape the parboiled bill in disguise. In the meantime, I jumped several officials and police inspectors (investigations) Abul Kalam Azad and split the bill into several teams. Police have been able to catch Saiful Islam for nearly two hours after cluttering in mud and water. Meanwhile, a foreign pistol that was found hanging under the lungi was recovered. In connection with the interrogation, Saiful admitted that there are more weapons in his custody, the remaining weapons and bullets were recovered from the bedroom bed in the middle of his hometown.
Police and locals said that in the past one year many people were killed in the last few years with their own domination in some villages around the city including West Sarfabatara Ganjam Ali Government House, Kaindarkul and Baduni Bapu of Rangunia. The village has already been known as the village of Khunera near the residents. In the words, there have been some criminal gangs in the case of counter-terrorism. Some residents of Saiful, Osman, Mofiz, and some top-armed terrorist groups were held hostage near the village. The killing of the people due to triviality is a common case for these terrorists. Weapons of arms have been stocked to wreak the opposition. They do not have any such crime, including extortion, possession of land, drug trade and arms trade. The Rangunia police station was trying for a long time to arrest the terrorist of the western Sarafbhata area, the terrorist terrorist Saiful Alam. Even worse than the involvement of murder, hijacking and extortion, the terrorists were out of reach of police. There is also a warrant for the court against Saiful.
Locals said 10-15 terrorists of his force led by Saiful, were hacked to death by a kirich on March 1, 2016, on Ukuril, 55, son of Abul Kalam, son of Sarfbhata Ganjam Ali’s house in the remote hill area of ​​Sarfbhata Union. Seeing the murderer Saiful’s elderly lawyer Hukam had been brutally hacked publicly, the people of the area were afraid to see Saiful after him. At the time of the son of Uqil Ahmad Terrorists by Ismail also cut off the right foot and terrorists. On April 2, 2007, 10-12 armed terrorists led by terrorist Saiful, 4 activists of BRAC’s microcredit program, were robbed of cash worth Tk 5 lakh and 6 mobile and tabs On returning to the office of Rajarhat branch of Padua Union with the money from the Barhokola Para Marma village of the Sarafbhata Union, the armed criminals along with Saiful and kidnapped money strapped money. On June 30, 2015, the terrorist group robbed one lakh taka from another BRAC employee, in the same place. Saiful, along with his associates, could not catch Saiful, but police could not catch Saiful.
West Sarpabhata village of Rangunia Osman said that in the jungle sarabhbhata hill areas, terrorist Saiful has developed a large number of cadres and weapons. Saiful trees cut trees by hiding in hilly areas. Saiful and his forces sell and cut trees in their garden trees if they do not receive the demand from the owners of the social forestry and the owners of the different owners of the garden. The people of the area became unhappy in their oppression No peasants in the jungle Sarafwata area cannot enter the hills without donating them.
Officer-in-Charge of Rangunia Police Station Imtiaz Bhuiyan confirmed the arrest of 10 serials and golisaha, said a senior terrorist Saiful was handed over to the court on Friday and sent to jail. He will be asked to remonstrate whether there is any other weapon with the terrorists and the other terrorists to get information about them.


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