Speakers at the eye hospital seminar Retinoblastoma is both risky for both the eyes and the life of the baby



staff rporter:
Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer of children’s eyes which is very risky for both the eyes and the life of the child, said International Eye Institute Professor Dr. Managing Trustee of Chittagong Eye Hospital and Training Center. Rabiul Hossain He said this while inaugurating an International Seminar on Retinoblastoma at Imran Seminary at Chittagong Eye Hospital and Training Center on Saturday at 10am. Professor Dr. Rabiul Hossain said that Chittagong Eye Hospital has organized the first such integrated seminar in Bangladesh for such a disease. If the cancer cannot be diagnosed in a very quick period, then the medical procedure is very complex and the expenditure becomes very high. It is possible to preserve both eyes and life if it is diagnosed early on in a simple and low cost. That’s why all the public awareness and integrated treatment. Comprehensive treatment means proper diagnosis, adequate treatment for the disease (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laser, surgery) and regular follow-up.
Eye experts in the seminar said that it is very important to examine all eyes, including the other siblings of the affected children. An integrated physician team is required to treat such a disease, including eye specialist, cancer specialist, radiotherapy specialist, anesthesiologist, optician and skilled nurse.
Germany’s German Co-operative Eye Cancer Foundation has cooperated in the seminar. Many important members of the society including senior eye doctors, pediatricians, cancer experts, and representatives of various NGOs, representative of different donor agencies, Chittagong Khulshi Rotary Club, and representatives of Lions Club participated. The speaker was speaking on the disease as Speaker of the seminar. Shawkat Ara Shakoor, Professor Dr. AKM Rezaul Karim, Dr. Ali Asgar, Dr. Mortuza Nuruddin and Dr. Soma Rani Roy
One of the attractions of the seminar was the speech of two surviving children and their parents through adequate medical practice. After one round table discussion was held. Professor Dr. Rabiul Hossain, eye cancer expert Dr. Shawkat Ara Shakoor, Pediatrician Professor Dr. Nasir Uddin Mahmud, Pediatrician Professor Dr. Pranab Kumar Chowdhury, child eye specialist Dr. Nasimul Gani Chowdhury, Country Director of Orbis Munir Ahmed, child cancer specialist Professor Dr. AKM Rezaul Karim, Founder of KSKS Gregor König, Professor Dr. Saifuddin Pintu, Professor Alamgir Mohammad Sirajuddin, journalist Nazimuddin Shyamal. Some decisions were taken at the round table meeting. Dr. Umm Salma spoke after concluding the discussion of Akbar, Professor Dr. Monitored Osmani


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