Fisheries off the sea for 22 days 35 No Boxirhat ward is sitting idle and hundreds of fishing boats


Karnaphuli Reporter:

Fisheries off the sea for 22 days. Hundreds of fishing boats are lying idle on the bank of Karnaphuli River. And boats, trawlers, fishermen, laborers and businessmen do not have too much trouble. Such scenes are seen at the fishery landing center located in the Chakteai area on the banks of the river Karnaphuli.
District Fisheries Department said the government has banned fishing in the sea during the breeding season of Hilsa from October 7 to October 28. During this period, prohibition of hilsa, buying, selling, transporting was prohibited. All fishing vessels are anchored on the banks of the river due to fishing restrictions in the sea. Since yesterday the ships have returned to the shore from the sea.
Fisheries Officer Kamal Uddin said, from now on 22 days the fish are collected, transported, purchased, sold, rescued, transported, and stopped in the sea. At the time, 20 kg rice assistance will be provided to fishermen. He said rice will be distributed among the families of the jails registered in Chittagong Metropolitan and coastal upazilas of Banshkhali, Anwara, Sitaku, Sandwip and Mirsarai.
It is found that, on the banks of the river Karnaphuli, anchored hundreds of fishing boats in the river and canals surrounding the fishery’s landing station in the mouth of Rajakhali and Chattai canal. The fishermen spend a lot of time sitting on river banks. Many of the fishermen are recovering fishing equipment, counterfeit repair work. Many returning boats from the boat came back to take fish, push-van and truck.
General Secretary of Sonali Fisheries Co-operative Society Aminul Islam Babul Sarker said, there are more than 10 thousand boats and boats in Chittagong. There are 25 thousand registered fishermen in 5 upazilas including Chittagong Metropolitan Police. All fishing boats are now back on the shore. Fishermen are becoming unemployed for 22 days from today.
Boat Majhiuddin, Alamgir, Md. Ismail said, the livelihood of the fishermen was stopped as the fishing was closed. At this time many fishermen became involved in other occupations for life and for the sake of livelihood.
Fishermen said that the fishermen and the middlemen have become unemployed due to the fisheries in the sea. Fishery boat  was anchored on the banks of the river. Apart from Fishery, more than hundred vessels are closed in different coastal areas of the district.
Boat owner Rafiq Sodagar and Kalu Bahaddar said the government has banned fishing in the breeding season of Hilsa. Fishermen abstain from fisheries following the law. But in this opportunity, the fishermen of India, Myanmar and Thailand’s are taking fish from undisturbed sea. The government will have to look into this issue.


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