At the 51st convocation of the DU, the President said Politics has become like a poor man’s wife


Staff reporter:
President Abdul Hamid has urged the professionals not to go directly to politics for qualitative change in politics. According to him, those who are politically motivated from the age group should have leadership in the hands of them. In this context, the President further said, if you want to do politics, and then get involved in politics without completing any other job after completing the study. It is not okay to be an overnight politician without prior handling. Those who do politics from young age, they should have priority in politics. He said this while addressing the 51st convocation of the university held at Central University of Dhaka University on Saturday. The President said, ‘There are proverbs in our village, poor wives or everyone’s fewest. Politics has become like a poor man’s wife. Anybody can enter and at any time cannot be interrupted. “Abdul Hamid, who is involved in politics from his student life, said this in convocation outside his written statement. The participants burst into laughter.
National Professor of the convocation Anisuzzaman spoke as convocation speaker. A total of 21 thousand 111 students took part in the convocation and 72 of them took the gold medal from the President. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Md. Akhteruzzaman, cabinet member, adviser, MP, head of various diplomatic missions, former and current Vice-Chancellor and national professor of different universities, members of the DU syndicate and senate among others were present.
The president compared the current student politics with the politics of the sixties and said that politics of the sixties was completely based on politics. There was no interest in individuals or groups. In Kishoreganj regional language, he said, “If I want to be a lecturer of physics at Dhaka University, definitely VC will not take me. Or go to a hospital, I have been doing politics so much; I have to give medical treatment to the hospital. Understand what will be the situation? These will not be anything except being a laughing stock. If I say politics for so many years, I can be the superintendent in engineering. Will you give me there? But politics is fawn. ‘
Abdul Hamid said that VC will also do politics after retirement those who do government jobs … Jaz Saheb who has 67 years of service. After retire, he say, ‘I am also a politician’. Army General, Army Chief, Government Secretary, Principal Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Retired Saifa said, “I will do politics.” There is no ruckus. Whoever wishes, whenever he wishes to enter politics?
The President said, ‘doing the job is doing whatever. Then I will say politics. I think all political parties should think about it. Yes, there is a specialist. It is often called professionally based parliament. Yes, professionally based. Passed the MBBS and do politics directly. There is no problem. He did not enter the job and entered the politics directly. “He said,” The senior DIG of police, Ijira will also do politics. Thinking where, during the politics, this police have given your army home with your arms. You have come again in my logs to do politics. Where is it He said, political parties will have to think about these things. The problem of these politicians is the problem of this problem. Businessmen are there … industrialists – brothers and sisters arrive in this way. They need to be stopped. ‘
Hamid, who has been a politician since his student life, said, “Let the people of politics, especially those who are doing politics at colleges and universities, should be allowed to do politics. This does not result in a qualitative change in politics and does not happen. “According to President Abdul Hamid, those experts, their opinion can be taken or placed in the Special Advisory Committee, but they should not expect them directly in politics.
Speaking about the election of Dhaka University Student Parliament (Duxu), the University’s Acharya Abdul Hamid spoke about the election. He called upon the general students to take care of the Duxu election program, so that none of the people could vandalize this election by praising the university authorities. The President said Dakshu election would be helpful in the selection of other university and college students’ parliamentary elections.
He jokingly said, ‘You have sacrificed love letters. Love literature is becoming seriously bogged down. Love writing at least. Then I believe that literature will remain alive in love books. Referring to the children being placed on mobile phones, the President said, the use of long-term mobile phones is not proper. This is also a matter of thought. Need to reduce the need for additional mobile usage


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