6 foods that will increase blood platelets of Dengue patient blood -be healthy


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TV, Newspaper, is now hot news dengue now Dengue is afraid that we are in a terrible situation now! The number of dengue sufferers around is increasing! Dengue but the mosquito borne disease is known to all of us! Disease can occur till the patient’s death; because of this disease our platelets are greatly reduced. And if the platelet is reduced to excess levels, the possibility of internal hammer increases. Therefore, the patient platelet count of the dengue affected should not be reduced so that special attention should be given. So find out about 6 foods, which will help to increase platelet levels in patients with dengue-related diseases.
Papaya leaves: Papaya leaf juice is highly beneficial to raise platelets in the blood of dengue patients. The doctors also advised to eat this meal if it is dengue. Take several papaya leaves. For this, you need to take a bowl of water and papaya leaves and lighten 10 to 12 minutes. Half of the amount of water will be crushed and eat twice a day. This will help to increase the platelet count.
Fruits Vedana: Purina, but you will have to eat regularly at this time a lot of 2 days. Vitamin C contains vitamin C and anti-oxidant which enhances your immunity on one side and most importantly, which is that this fruit is very full of iron. This leads to the increase of platelets in our blood. You can eat these fruits without juice.
Milk: Milk but not everyone loves it very much but it does not. However, patients with dengue will have to drink milk regularly. Because milk is full of calcium, vitamin K, phosphorus, potassium, and protein called fibrinogen. All these ingredients, however, work to increase blood platelet count in our body Calcium but very important blood clotting case. Because the two levels of platelets and calcium combined together blood clotting dams. Milk but mast from the very first day when dengue was attacked
Vitamin-related foods: Vitamin-related food, but it is very important to eat more than this time. Every day, you have to eat spinach, lettuce leaves, broccoli, cabbage, soybean, pumpkin, cucumber etc. These will help to greatly increase the number of blood platelet count. Besides, you can also take vitamin supplements according to the doctor’s advice.
Vitamin-related foods: Vitamin-like Vitamin A is also very useful for Dengue infection. This component also helps to increase blood platelet levels. Carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins etc. are filled with vitamins A. So once a day you can use juice of a carrot or pumpkin juice, but you will get special benefits.
Protein: Protein-rich foods, such as chicken or fish, will eat you Chicken soup with vegetables but very useful. Apart from eating more fish, the platelet will grow very soon.
Due to continuous reduction of platelets due to the patient suffering from dengue, the weakness is very high. As a result, there is a special focus on eating and drinking because the food is very helpful in raising your body platelets.
There will also be plenty of water to drink, sleep for 7-8 hours, and not take more stress. Regular blood tests and special cleaning should be kept in mind. It is recommended to consult the doctor without delaying the platelet at an additional rate, but it is not too late.


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