26 thousand applicants cost Tk 128 million when the gas wait was over



staff reporte:
The wait is not waiting. Waiting for four years there is no guarantee that this waiting will end either. Already about 20000 residential customers have been depositing more than 100 crores for gas connection.
Residential customers said that till December 2015, 19,600 subscribers received the securities and connection fees for the serial number by depositing the gas. Besides, more than 5 thousand customers were waiting for the serial number by depositing the security and connection money in the same manner. But in February 2016, the government closed residential gas connections. According to the number of ovens, the customers deposited Tk 20,000 to 40 thousand in Karnaphuli gas. For the permission of road carting in the city, the cost of each customer is 10 to 15 thousand taka Roads and highways and local government’s permission to spend 15 to 20 thousand taka. Internal warring costing 10 thousand taka Then the contractor has to pay advance. The average cost of a customer is 50 thousand taka. Total 25 thousand 6 thousand subscribers cost Tk 128 million In the meantime, only the Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company has more than 50 crore deposits.
Anupam Dutt, manager of Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company, said, “LNG supplies are available from the daily average of 220 to 230 million cubic feet. The national grid is supplied daily to 150 million cubic feet. He said there is no shortage of gas currently. Twenty-two million cubic feet of gas is needed daily for 20,000 residential customers of two toilets.
Residential customers expect the residential connections to allow residential connections when the LNG supply starts. But the customers are disappointed to not allow the government so far.
Mohammad Ikram Chowdhury, president of Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Contractor Association, said that the customers have been suffering for a long time. It also demands customers as a citizen advantage. He said the Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Authority is sincere in providing residential gas connections. They are waiting for the government’s decision. We have also been demanding the government.
When talking to Petrobangla Chairman Abul Mansur Mohammad Fayzullah, he said residential gas connections closed all over the country. It is the matter of the entire energy ministry. There is nothing we can do until the Energy Ministry decides. In reply to one question, he said that the decision will not be decided soon.
Khayez Ahmad, Managing Director of Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company said, “We also want to provide gas connections to residential customers. But I cannot do anything in the government’s decision. Responding to questions regarding keeping the demand notes of the subscribers so long, he said, if the customers can, at any time, they can take money. They have kept the money waiting for the government’s decision to get gas connections.


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