MBBS admission test: Chittagong took part in 4523 examinations


Chittagong bureau:
MBBS 1st year admission test of public and private medical colleges held on Friday. The examinations were held from 10 to 11 in the same paper at 29 venues of 19 centers across the country. In the admission test, 4 thousand 663 candidates of Chittagong took part in yesterday’s 4 thousand 523. Chittagong Medical College Principal Professor Dr said that 140 examinees were absent. Salim Mohammad Jahangir
The examination was conducted in 58 rooms of 3 venues (Chamek, Premier University’s WASA campus and Chittagong College) under Chamek Test Center; Chamek Principal said, in addition to the executive magistrate in each of the venues in the examination center, there were members of the inspection team formed by the ministry. Members of the law and order were also engaged outside the center. Besides, some members of the over-committee committee were also visiting the Chittagong center. In the first time, the Health Ministry banned the carrying and use of mobile phones of all officers including the supervisor and the health ministry. According to the decision of the ministry, as well as the examinations, the inspectors or officials of the duty officer could not carry and use the mobile phone,

Chittagong Medical College Principal Professor Dr. Salim Mohammad Jahangir Even handguns were forbidden.

However, three mobile phones (one for each vane) have been provided by the Health Department for communication within the center, he said, adding that the specific number of mobile phones supplied to these mobile phones and contact with the Ministry of Health, each of the venues was contacted.
In fact, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare constituted 3 high-level inspection teams in three locations of Chittagong. Chittagong Medical University Vice-Chancellor Prof. The members of these teams, led by Ismail Khan, visited the venues of the center during the examination.
After taking the exam, Professor Dr. Md. Ismail Khan told  that all preparations were made by the government to make the exams fair and orderly. Earlier, only the teachers used to perform duties at the center of the observer. But for maintaining 100 percent transparency in the center management, the Ministry has formed an inspection team for each venue, including a high-level committee of over-site. We visited the sites of the Chittagong Medical College Center. There was no untoward environment; there was no case of expulsion.
There were 60 thousand candidates in the country yesterday. Of these 9,871 students will get the opportunity to be admitted to government and private medical colleges of the country. In the 36 medical colleges of the government, 4 thousand 68 people and 69 private medical colleges will get 5,751 people.
It is to be noted that in the last years, together with the admission tests of medical and dental colleges on a separate day since 2016. The Health Department has told the possibility of publishing results within 72 hours of the MBBS admission test. BDS first year admission test will be held on 9th November in Dental colleges. The online application process for BDS admission will begin on October 16. It will run till 27 October


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