Bangladesh could not be the best; The Philippines beat Bangladesh by 1-0 of Bangabandhu Gold Cup



Sports reporter:

Tournament started with win The goal was to win the next match and to go to the semi-finals of the Group from the inexplicable. But it did not happen in Bangladesh. After being lagged behind in the second half, Bangladesh kept the pressure in the second half, but Bangladesh did not get the desired goal. As a result, Philippines defeated the hosts by 1-0 .Bangladesh in the runners-up of the ‘B’ group of Bangabandhu Gold Cup. The Philippines beat Bangladesh by 1-0 in the match held at the Sylhet District Stadium yesterday. The win resulted in the Philippines, with the top two points, with 6 points, the Philippines are the best. Jamie Dare team Bangladesh emerged in the semi-finals with a win, runners up with 3 points. Wally Faisal, Vishwanath Ghosh, Jamal Bhuiyan, Mahbubur Rahman Subhil were replaced by Sushant Tripura, Rahmat Miah, Mamunul Islam and Tauhidul Alam Sabuj. But the win was not found.
Nabib Newaz returned to life after returning from the long thrown in the third minute of the match. After a while, Rabiul Hasan’s shot also went straight to the goalkeeper. Bangladesh coach warned earlier that the Philippines game would be a tough test for the defenders. The team lagged behind the 23rd minute and forgot the maintenance. Thapu could not control the ball down the ball. Beyond the ball from his side, Bahadoran Mizagah increase Mickael Daniels The ball in the midfielder’s shot in the Philippines could find the address with the nearest post. At the end of the break, Rabul took the ball from the right hand corner and the ball in the back of the goalkeeper did not return to equality. In the 48th minute, Robiul’s Throw Inen Thupor did not find the head’s address. Two minutes later, defending a defender on the right side, D de Bong entered and did not take the shots without aiming at the shot. The two semi-finals were confirmed beforehand. But the group did not have the option of winning in front of Bangladesh to be the best. Therefore, the laggard teams were desperate to return to the equanimity and the Philippines kept increasing pressure. In the 70th minute, the head of life from the small de Bong in the perfect cross of green from the right side is missed for a little. After the Emon’s Corner, the green shoe from the D-bong jatla passes over the crossbar. In the 85th minute, Javed Khan’s head in Ibrahim’s cross fell into the glove of straight goalkeeper. Bangladesh has not been able to get the Filipinos net that became completely defensive during the rest of the year. In the second half of the second half Bangladesh lost easy ease of goal. The Philippine goalkeeper came out completely leaving the post to stop the corner. But Ibrahim could not take proper shot. Then, after the Head of Tapu, the returning poster took the ball gloves easily. As a result, the balance was not returned. Without a fight against one another, Bangladesh cannot avoid defeat, so leave the field with disappointments. The Philippines, which is ahead of ranking and power, has just won the victory. The Philippines were unknowingly by taking three points out of the right use of the opportunity. As a result, the Philippines will now be in front of a relatively low energy team in the semi-finals. And Bangladesh will have to make a strong team. So now it is a matter of watching Bangladesh in the semifinals, what is the name of the plan?


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