Ward Calvert Undercrossing Pipeline No. 4


WASA for 10 months at Bahaddarhat intersection

Chittagong reporter:
Last ten months only the digging is being done but the construction of the undercrossing pipeline in the culvert is not finished. However, it is only one and a half months for a culvert to enter the under crossing pipeline. But the passengers of the WASA contractor ‘China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau’ have been wounded due to the misery.
Passengers complained that the construction of the Bahaddarhat flyover ramp by closing the road on one side of the road for one and a half years, Chittagong Development Authority (CUC). In the mid-December 2012, the newly built ramp was opened. WASA again closed the road to set the culverts under covering pipeline in the interval of 15 days. The company took one and a half months. But in the one and a half month’s space, ten months passed but Nala could not finish the under cursing pipeline in Calvert. As a result, passengers of the Arakan road have been traveling in woe for nearly two and a half years.
The local people complained that people of WASA contractor ‘China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau’ have been trying to locate the undercrossing pipeline in Calvert on the outskirts of Bahaddarhat under the project for the last 10 months. If the people of the contractor lick for 5 days then again 15-20 days are closed. Thus WASA contractor has been working in the last 10 months. As a result passengers traveling for two and a half years have been suffering from woe.
Under the Chittagong Waters Supply Improvement A-Sanitation project, the implementation of the project is being implemented. Deputy project director and WASA caretaker engineer Mohammad Ariful Islam told Dainik Purbkon, “The lobbying continues for connecting the road pipe with the pipeline below the culvert.” The work will be completed in the next Saturday. After this the city will be upgraded to Chittagong City Corporation.


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