Shakib is going to Australia on Friday for treatment



Sports reporter:
Shakib Al Hasan’s left hand in the Asia Cup was the worst case scenario. Apollo Hospital was quickly admitted to the countryside with finger infections before the final. Because of the pimples in the fingers, it is necessary to bring out the surgery. Shakib was resting in the hospital two days before he was released from the hospital. He must wait more than four weeks to get his finger operated fit. Shakib has been approached by Australia’s Hand Surgeon to know what to do now. Tomorrow he will leave the country to show Greg Hale. Debasish Chowdhury, chief physician of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), said after contacting Greg, he said that after the verification of the overall condition of Shakib, the decision will be taken again to take his surgery Because that’s the latest step. However, Australian specialist physicians will be able to give their verdict only after seeing their overall condition in Australia. Shakib is currently given antibiotics as part of treatment. The last of which is given. Debashish Chowdhury said, “We are currently in antibiotic treatment. After more weeks, his injection area will be controlled. “But if everything is okay, the BCB will send the hand surgery to the hand surgery in Australia. The BCB doctor said, “All will be sent to the doctor if he is okay.


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