Painting Price of 530 million taka



Mt online desk:
An oil painting has been sold at a record price in one of the largest exhibition exhibitions in Asia. The painting painted by an artist of Chinese descent, has been worth 65 million dollars the amount of Bangladeshi money which stands at around Tk. 530 crores. On 30th September, painting oil painted by Joao Wo Koi, the oil painting film has surpassed the value of the oil image sold at this time. The painting, ‘June-October 1985’, is now one of the world’s most expensive oil paintings. According to the world renowned industrialist buyer Sathebis, the painting that is sold in auction in Hong Kong is now the world’s most expensive painting.
The auction that was in Hong Kong was the record breaking evening whereas; a total of 200 million dollars of similar artwork is sold. If artists from Asian artists are being taken to the auction with Western artists, they are sold at a very good price. Japanese artist Yosimito Nara’s ‘Potrait of A-E’ was sold for around three and a half million dollars. Also, more than eight Asian artists have been sold at record quantities for the auction.
Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Richard Lin, China’s Hao Liang and Wang Jingwei’s paintings are sold for more than a million dollars. However, the ‘June-October 1985’ painting of Jao Wao Ki was sold at the highest price for the auction. In 10 meters of length, the painting was sold at a price more than twice the price of auction. Artist Joao Wao Ki died in 2013.



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