MP Karim inaugurated the CRB Walkway Instructions for planting separate power meters in all quarters of the railway



staff reporter:
Illegal installations are not something new in the city’s railway tracks. Many people have been living in the residential habitat of the railway for a long time. Besides, many people are also doing business in the development of shops, warehouses etc. These allegations involving the officials and employees of the railway along with these illegal installations are also long.
Railway Board President ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury strongly condemned the railway and police officials on Wednesday, when the CRB of city’s  Kadamtali Street, boiler colony and surrounding areas witnessed the real nature of illegal possession.
He inaugurated the road and walkway from Kadamtali on seven streets in the CRB area under the program at 11am yesterday. Daily Azadi Editor MA Malek, Chief Engineer of Railway Eastern Railway Abdul Jalil, Divisional Railway Manager Md. Md. Abdur Rahman, among others, inaugurated the road and wakeway road from seven street bogies to Kadamtoli. Jahangir Hossain, Divisional Engineer Lekit Sharif, Chief Medical Officer, Paritosh Chakraborty.
Before the ceremony, the neighboring area visited suddenly with visiting guests, railway officials and police officers.
During the inspection, MP Fazle Karim Chowdhury was very angry at the illegal construction of the Warehouse and illegal construction of the area around the CRB boiler colony. He also talked to the workers of the illegal hometown and the workers working in the warehouse. They gave the name of some railway officials to the MPs, they were hired to live and work in these places. In the meantime, the commander of the railways Eastern Region General Manager Syed Faruq Ahmed ordered to immediately take action against these officials. Besides, Fazle Karim Chowdhury MP also condemned the police officers for bus, van and other transport on Kadamtoli road.
After the inauguration of Road and Walkway, MP of Chittagong-6 constituency Fazle Karim Chowdhury briefly shared with the journalists. During this time, he said, “Land acquisition of railway is a matter of long life. We have identified the occupied land and have already retrieved many lands. This is an ongoing process. ‘
Referring to the electricity bill of Taka 23 million, the railways have been getting a bill due to illegal connection, he said, to reduce the excessive electricity bill of the railway, the railway has ordered to install a separate power meter in all quarters. We have decided that the railway staff will have to set their own electricity meters, just like other government officials.
Asked what measures will be taken against those railway employees and officers who have rented railway places illegally, he said, “We are listing these officers and we have already recommended that many people take legal action against them.”
Asked about this, General Manager of the Eastern Railway, Syed Faruk Ahmed told The Muslim Times, “We have already made a list of officials who have illegally rented the railway land.” By tomorrow (today) a meeting will be decided about them. Besides, the Chief Estate Officer of the railway has been asked to take necessary measures to rescue these places.
chief estate officer of  Chittagong division Kisinger Chakma, told the telephone that we received the order for eviction of illegal installations in the CRB area. The eviction drive has already started. These places will be completely free from tomorrow (today).


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