33rd Firing Market Ward Sujon’s shop in the a bad boat



Firingibazar reporter:

Sujon’s shop in the boat with the bridge in Firingibazar, crossing the bridge and crossing the river. The dawn of the sun shines before the light shines. Until 9 pm on the cylinders of gas stove, the day of the sun begins with hot water for the kettlei tea. On one hand, the water continues to boil, while on the other hand it cleanses the tea cups, water jugs, glasses. In the meantime, one has to take anchored boats, these are shopkeepers. As they grow up, they grow up with their arrival. Tea shops far away from the ghat. The Karnafuli Ghat Majhi Rabiul said that they had tea and breakfast in nearby floating shops.
Shunke Bawley is beyond the house of Suynay Even if you go to a village school, there is no education. After reaching the fifth grade, the lessons of study go away. They are two brothers and sisters. Daddy’s lack of family In the meantime, his father also married his second father. Sujon is forced to take care of the family. Of course, Babe brought him to this shop. A boat has been made in the shape of a boat. Polythene camp Water jets on the boat. This boat has been rented 150 rupees daily from the owner. Bread, bananas, biscuits, noodles and tea are sold in the Sujon stores. A mama helps her. Selling is good, sometimes 3 thousand, and sometimes 4 thousand taka. That’s the amount of sale in the month of lakhs that’s going to be pretty good. Sujon said that after all the expenses, he is no longer deposited. He further said, there would be another such shop near the river on the banks of the river Abhimitri. It has already been talked about with the owner of an inexplicable boat lying there. Soon, Abhimitro will open the shop in Ghat. His father will look after him. Sujon is hoping that after the launch, their comfort will return completely. Then he will go back to school


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