Three scientists of the Nobel Prize in Laser Research



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Scientists in the United States, France, and Canada have won the Nobel Prize in Physics. The three winners were US physicist Arthur Ashkin, French physicist Gerard Moro and Canadian physiologist Donna Strickland. -Bus
on Tuesday, the Swedish Academy announced the victory of three Nobel laureates at 12 o’clock at the local time of Sweden. In Stockholm, AFP reported. According to the Royal Swedish Academy, they have jointly won this award for pioneering innovation in laser physics. However, half of the 90 million Swedish kronor will receive the award, US physicist Arthur Ashkin the other two scientists will share the remaining half of the money.
Canadian physicist Donna Strickland won the Nobel Prize for Physics this year as the first woman in the last 55 years. Prior to this, in 1903, Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize for Physics as the first woman. In the last 1963, German-born American theoretical physicist Maria Gopert-Mayer received Nobel in Physics as the second woman.
These three scientists won the award this year as recognition for lively innovation in the study of lasers. Dr. Ashkin invented a laser technique named optical twor, which is used in biological system research.
On the other hand, French physicist Gerard Moro and Canadian physicist Donna Stratland invented the most intense and tiny laser pulse methods; which is used in various types of work. One of these is eye laser surgery.



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