There is nothing to fear of those who do not intend to publish false news Digital Security Act: Joy


news desk:

Sajeeb Wazed Joy, adviser to the Information and Communication Technology Advisor of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the nation, said that the journalists and editors who do not intend to publish false news, there is nothing to fear about the Digital Security Act-2018. Because, the law has been made to protect public information and privacy. Sajeeb Wazed Joy said this while raising his views on the criticisms of certain sections of the Digital Security Act in his own Facebook account.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy said in response to the criticism of the law, the law requires the law to prevent hacking and secret surveillance of public office computers and to protect public information and confidentiality. There was no legal basis to take action against the hacking and theft of data before the law. So, to prevent hacking, I recommend this law as an information technology advisor.

ICT Adviser said, Not only that, it is possible to take pictures or videos of public documents or documents related to public information through digital surveillance in government offices. Secret audio recording can also be heard by listening to many sensitive information about citizens, even Wi-Fi passwords. Through this maybe a journalist’s job may become difficult. But to expose someone’s corruption, should a journalist have the right to steal citizens’ sensitive information by hacking the computer of the government office? No country in the world, but illegally, does not allow journalists to collect information, even the United States and European Union. In all the countries that are secretly monitored in government offices, non-lawmakers, journalists. Joy said, I want to ask a question which diplomats have objected to this law: Can journalists secretly bring the tools to monitor inside your embassy? He said that the other objectionable place about the relation of the liberation war history. We have seen how on 15th August 1975, BNP-Jamaat misused the history of our Liberation War and distortion of the life of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Joy said, “This section has been formulated based on the European Union’s Holocaust Denial Act. In the 16 European countries, less than the ‘recognized number’ of the Holocaust is said to be imprisoned. There are many countries in which embassies have objected to our law in Bangladesh. My question to those European embassies who objected to this law: If you have a Holocaust Deanal law then why can not we have the same law?

He said that some parts of this law are against false or rumor online for inciting violence or religious frenzy. Without this law, how do we prevent incidents of such violence? ‘

Joy said that since the media editors did not agree to accept the moral instructions of their own, then we gave the responsibility of defining the truth to the court itself. There is nothing to fear about the journalists who do not intend to publish false news. Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, if the editors want the amendment of these sections, then their own morals will have to be implemented. The editor or the newsman who has published false news, must be removed from duty and arrangements will be made in the future so that no one can create news or campaign.


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