There is no concession if the mountains try to destroy the polling environment- Fazle Karim MP


MT Reporter:

President of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railway Ministry, ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury MP said, nobody will be given any discounts while trying to destroy the election environment in the face of a gun in the hills. The enemy of the house is terrible, they must first suppress them. Regional armed organizations in the mountains are examples of them. If we try to disrupt the election by creating violence in the hill, we will not sit on the ground floor. She said Sheikh Hasina has no alternative to continuing the development of the country. In the name of the regional organization in Rangamati, Rangamati who took away the victory of Awami League by the Arms-terrorist activities, the seat will be recovered from them at any cost. He urged the student and youth society to work together to keep the development trend and to win the boat symbol in the next election.
He said this in the speech of Goktalal (Monday) afternoon at Betbunia High School grounds as the chief guest of Kawkhali Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League, students and youth rally.
ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury MP called BNP as a minor party and said that Awami League did not consider them as a rival. The development of the Awami League government under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina in ten years is visible in the eyes of common people.
Rangamati district aired in the rally held in the chairmanship of the former State Minister for Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs and Rangamati District Awami League President Dipankar Talukder. League Vice-President Chinku Rouza, Anchuprew Marma, General Secretary Muna Matabar, Kawkhali Upazila Parishad Chairman SM Chowdhury, Kawkhali Upazila A League President and Rangamati Hill District Council member Anshui Pru Chowdhury, General Secretary Ershad Sarker, joint secretary Shamshaddoha Chowdhury, Belal Uddin, Rangamati district Juba League general secretary Noor Mohammad Kajal, Rangamati district BCL president Abdul Jabbar Sujon, president of the Upazila Jubo League president Ankuj Chowdhury, general secretary . Nazim Uddin, general secretary of the BCL BCL Sajid Dutta said.Earlier in the morning, he inaugurated the newly constructed building ofBetbuniaGaushia Ahmadiya Sunnia Madrasa, Betbunia Sri Sri Geeta Mandir and East Sialbuka Government Primary School.


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