People in Raozan handed over the yaba cartridges and the taxi drivers with two arms, and handed over the police



Chittagong bureau:
The people in Raozan handed over the yaba cartridges and the taxi drivers to the police, along with their weapons. Two more people escaped the incident. The detainees are said to be killed in Kishalpur union’s Amir Para area. Faruk (30) and taxi driver 7 of Khulilabad-Natwan Bagicha area of ​​Raozan union. Arman (19). Local UP member Nasir Uddin, eyewitness and police sources said that on Tuesday afternoon, two drug dealers, driver and his associate in a cab with Chittagong-11-66770, went to the adjoining area of ​​Joynagar Government Primary School in Joynagar Barua Para of Kadlpur union. The people of the area suspected of their movement. Faruk and taxi driver Arman detained. The crowd gets a weapon, bullets, punches from them. At one stage, Faruk’s associate said. Pavel and taxi driver Rakib escaped. After the local CUET police informs the gang, they handed over the massacre to the inmates of the Cout Outie SI AB Inantaz.
In-charge of In-Chuet camp, SI Inantaz said, “We got Mohammad Faru from there with the auto-rickshaw, when we came to the spot after getting the food. At that time a local made gun, two cartridge and a punch were recovered.

“Meanwhile, SI Saimul Islam Police Station said ‘Mohammad Faruq was detained from the spot and said. Arman named taxi driver has been detained for interrogation. I have run away from another person named Pavel. Initially known and runaway Yaba traders they came there to make any incident due to the conflict in Yaba. ”
CNG taxi driver said. Arman said, Pavel and Faruk in the area of ​​Somabijai hired him to reserve his place in Jaynagar. At that time, I had a co-operator named Rakib in the car, whom I was training the driver. The car was actually a tea stall at Jaynagar Faruq fell down. A little ahead of her near the Buddhist monastery, Pavel came down with a bag from the car. After a while, some people beat Mohammad Farooq to beat me and bring me to the car and kill me. Then Pavel escaped quickly from there. Rakibao also escaped. The arrested Faruk said that he was brought to Pavel Jainagar. At this time some people led by local Mohammad Alam continue to kill me and Pavel. Then I was arrested. Local acting chairman Abdul Karim said, ‘All the deceased and fugitive are identified Yaba traders in the area. They came to Yaba on the spot. It seems that they were arrested for causing problems with the local Yaba traders. He also said, I have already received news about Yaba traders in this area. “Some sources in the area say that neither two people, including Pavel, Rakis, were arrested by the people, nor they had another weapon. The miscreants who entered the crowd in a tactical manner left the two men with one more weapon.


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