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staff reporte:

Constituency consists of 16 unions and two municipalities. In the past, the vote of the Jatiya Sangsad election and the defeat of the victory, it is seen that the victory of the Awami League or the BNP candidate is decided every time by a small vote. In this constituency, the nomination of the Awami League Presidium member Housing and Public Works Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain as Awami League candidate is quite sure.
Many candidates of the country’s largest party Awami League are campaigning for themselves on the entrance to Chittagong’s entrance. As well as working to support the party’s leaders and workers. However, Awami League heavyweights candidate of Awami League, Awami League presidium member Housing and Public Works Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain will also nominate from the party, believes that the upazila Awami League leaders will get nomination. Awami League Upazila Committee has been promoting the name of Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain as its sole candidate. Besides, he has prepared Mahbub Rahman Ruhal, the science and technology affairs secretary of the district unit of Awami League, as his alternative to any situation arising out of the situation. However, former chairman of Mirsarai Upazila Parishad and Vice-President of North District Awami League will want to nominate the party from the main constituency at the upazila level. Gias Uddin Besides, the founding president of Chittagong Junior Chamber and international affairs sub-committee member of Bangladesh Awami League Niaz Morshed elit nomination. Though there are no political activities of the elite at the upazila level, they are participating in various social and cultural organizations. Campaigning as a potential candidate
In 2008, Awami League Engineer Mosharraf Hossain was elected as the boat nominee in the ninth parliamentary elections held in 2008. His nearest rival was Professor MDM Kamal Uddin Chowdhury, head of the BNP’s rice symbol. He got 94,665 votes. Engineer Mosharraf Hossain was elected unopposed in the 10th parliamentary elections on 5 January 2014. The BNP will take part in the next election and the fight will be fought again in these two groups. However, the difference between the Awami League and the BNP’s vote is very little.
In order to continue their victory in this constituency, the ruling Awami League has been implementing various organizational programs aimed at highlighting the development programs implemented during their own government. It is being speculated that the main campaign of this big party will be the ‘development’ in the next election. But Awami League chief and one of the rival BNP, BNP, will not be able to resolve the party’s quarrels in this constituency, so Awami League will get an additional benefit in the upcoming polls.
Housing and Public Works Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain MP told his predecessor in the upcoming election, “It will be the Prime Minister of the country’s Prime Minister, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. If the party nominates me, I will sacrifice it in the election and I will work for someone else. “During the present government’s tenure, Mirsharai’s unprecedented development activities – Mosharraf Hossain said,” We have made extensive development in Mirsharai since last ten years of power. The country’s largest economic zones are going to be established here. The employment will be at least 3 million people. Besides, the development of hundreds of crores of rupees including roads, gates, culverts, educational institutions, fire service stations in the area have been improved. In the sun-dried areas, electricity has been electrified for 100 percent, which is not even 35 years after independence. In the coming election, BNP will be swept away by the tide of Awami League’s development. Awami League candidate is sure to win this seat.
About preparation for the elections, Mosharraf Hossain said, “We started organizational preparations two years ago in every union and municipal area, the public meeting, party representatives meeting and the union parishad together with the beneficiaries of the government. Presently, I have started a regular meeting program.
Meanwhile, another nomination of the Awami League-the former Chairman of Mirsharai Upazila Parishad, Vice President of Chittagong North-district Awami League Gias Uddin joins various social rituals with his supporters and activists in the area. He is optimistic that the party will nominate him in the next election. Gias Uddin said, ‘I want the nomination from the party. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will nominate me after considering my political position and public relations. I will work for the party candidate if I give it to anyone else another nominee from Awami League, founder of the Chittagong Junior Chamber and member of Bangladesh Awami League sub-committee Niaz Morshed Elite. He is associated with several social organizations in the area although he has no contact with the politics of Mirsharai Upazila Awami League. But Elite is hopeful that the tide of youngsters in the present time, the team will nominate him in the context of time. Regarding nomination, Elite said, “I have long been associated with various social and cultural activities of the area. My goal is to work for the people. So, to work on a large scale, I would like to nominate my party.


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