Director General of reception and debate Employee’s contribution to the improvement of primary education is undeniable


staff reporter:

Bangladesh Primary Education Government Association reception of retired employee’s inauguration of newly formed district committee. 2018 and role of employee in the promotion of primary education. The discussion meeting was held at the PTI auditorium of the city. Presided over by the association president Pankaj Chakraborty, the chief guest was the chief guest of the primary education department. Md. Abu Hannah Mostafa Kamal was the special guest, Deputy Director of Primary Education Chittagong Division said. Sultan Mia, District Primary Education Officer Nasrin Sultana, PTI Superintendent Kamrun Nahar and General Secretary of the Central Committee of Bangladesh Primary Education Government Employees Association. Abdul Halim. Central, Divisional and District Committee leaders were present on the occasion.
Director General of Primary Education Director Dr. Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal said the primary
Employee’s contribution to the development of education is undeniable. Regardless of the limited manpower and limitations, the unremitting efforts of the employees to truly appreciate primary education are truly commendable. Due to the hard work of the employees, the improvement of primary education has been improved. The present government has worked for the welfare of the officers and employees engaged in primary education in the last 10 years. The chief guest gave the honorary memorial to 40 retired employees of primary education. At the end Jasim Uddin president and Md. Nuruzzaman was nominated by the General Secretary, the 19-member Chittagong Divisional Committee and the District Committees of Bangladesh Primary Education Government Employees Association under Chittagong Division were announced.


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