Bangladesh will face hosts team Bhutan in the semifinal on 5th October



Sports reporter:
The semifinals of the two teams were confirmed beforehand. The battle of Bangladesh and Nepal was a grouping. Bangladesh women’s championship B-champions emerged champions in the Under-18 Women’s Championship Being the group champion; Bhutan got Bangladesh semifinal. Bangladesh will face hosts in the final of the 5th October. India and Nepal will face another semifinal in the tournament. Bangladesh were ahead in the first half but could not increase the gap in the second half. Rather, the red-green jersey holders scored a goal in the end. In the 16th minute, Sirat Jahan forwarded Swapna to Bangladesh in the goal. Krishna Rani Sarkar doubled the gap in 32 minutes. Shamsunnahar could not score a penalty in the 42nd minute. The penalty shot took him to the post-match. Nepalese Reshmi Kumari reduced the gap in 92 minutes.
Bangladesh puts pressure on Nepal in the group best ranking match at Changlimath Stadium in Thimphu, Bhutan. Bangladesh goes ahead with the opportunities available in the sixteenth minute When the goalkeeper, who ran away with a long ball, pulled a defender who was caught with a long ball, and was caught in the net by Siraj Jahan Swapna. This forward was scored by 7 goals in the match against Pakistan. In the 32nd minute, Goalkeeper Rupna Chakma knocked the goal and broke the trap of the offside and caught the ball with the nearest post. This is his second goal in the tournament Penalty flute referee playing in the 41st minute in the D box, when the foil was found. But Shamsunnahar senior was unable to increase the gap beyond the post. When Rashmi Kumari scored the second half, it reduced Nepal’s rate gap.


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