Tree is being cut: grab the night


Sale of 5 acres of official hills in Cox’s Bazar cut the plot

Cox’s Bazar correspondent:
Official hill of about 5 acres. There are huge trees in huge shapes. There are also breezes as well as biodiversity along with climbing. But the government has noticed that the landlords and paharkhokodes The plot is being sold over and over and over there. The hills and large-size trees are being cut and used to buy those hills and settle indefinitely. In this, the agricultural land of the low-lying areas is being damaged and the balance of the environment is also being broken. On the other hand, the government-owned precious hills are becoming unbearable. These terrible mountains are being cut in the middle of the south pahartali of the city of Coydanagar and Sultanpur of Cox’s Bazar.
Meanwhile, environmentalists have called for immediate action to eradicate the occupation and protect the hills from the hills. Chairman of Save the Nature of Bangladesh. N M Moazzem Hossain said, “All the hills of Cox’s Bazar are being eroded by the clutches of the landowners and pickets. Cox’s Bazar’s Cox’s Bazar office, assistant director of the Department of Environment, Saiful Al-Ashra said, “If you know the incident, then trees and hill cutters will not be able to escape. Legal action will be taken against those involved in the fast.
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila Executive Officer Habibul Hasan said, “The matter will be considered seriously. Under the law, those mountains will be protected by the people who are under the law.
Locals said that the son of Abul Kalam, Haji Abu Taher, dead. Khalilur Rahman’s son Abul Hashem, son of Shah Alam, Omar Faruq, son of late Abu Chayed. Abdullah, Burma Faruq and 7/8 people occupied the government hill. Later hundreds of large trees of the mountain were cut and sold. At present, the mountain is selling 4, 5, 6th century people. The price of the plots sold at the hills is high. And only the mountains that are being sold, the buyers are cutting the hills to make settlements. For the past one month, 10-12 hills of the hill are being cut every day in the hills. There are already 5/6 houses built on the hills.
A man named Rashid Ahmad said that due to the cutting of hills, the agricultural land of the lower areas was being damaged. Even walking through the streets is being bighead. He complained that local people are being threatened if they are not allowed to cut mountains.


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