French photographer Arnor has two years imprisonment for rape



International desk:
In a rape incident in 2011, French photographer Jean-Clod Arnoe (72) was sentenced to two years in prison by a Swedish court. In May 2011, the Nobel Prize was suspended for its alleged sex-scandal allegations. After the Nobel Choice Committee, Arno’s wife Katrina Frostson’s postpone demanded the resignation of Swedish academy. There is also a complaint against Arnora for leaking the Nobel laureate’s name.
During the announcement of the verdict against Arno, the Stockholm District Court said, “The accused has been found guilty on one rape incident during the 5th and 6th of October 2011.” In this verdict, the victim has been told to pay the fine as ‘compensation’. For this, Arno will have to pay a fine of $ 12,000.
According to the prosecutor’s lawyer Elizabeth Macie Fritz, local media reported that her client had received peace after the verdict.


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